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Sample Topics:


  • Founding, building, and funding startups
  • Apply passion and perseverance (“grit”) to entrepreneurship
  • What to look for in a co-founder
  • The ethics of entrepreneurship


  • How anyone can become an innovator
  • The evolution of technological innovation
  • Why different is better than better for product and service innovation


  • The future of higher education
  • Educating future entrepreneurs in high schools and universities
  • Best practices for building and advancing alumni associations
  • Economic Growth and Abundance with many services
  • The future of  students with the latest harvard scholarships to benefit and educate future entrepreneurs.

Economic Growth and Abundance

  • How to create Silicon Valleys around the world
  • How governments can promote entrepreneurship and innovation
  • Making the modern regulatory state more humane and resilient

Achieving Human Potential

  • The role of positive feedback loops in achieving human potential
  • Growing your mind from the inside out
  • How to earn influence with influencers – Check out Public Speaking Training Online.

Check out the presentation of Unleash Your Inner Company John gave to the Cambridge Judge Business School here.

Workshops are available from 90-minutes to several days in length, all based on the practical approach of Unleash Your Inner Company.

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