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Mastery of any Yoga practice is not necessary, only your sincere desire for knowledge and your commitment to personal growth. Courses are so complete and are the great teachings for people who really want to discover and enter the Yogic World. Graduates of the yoga teacher training course receive internationally recognized certification. Awaken or deepen your yoga pr Amazing course that will alter the way you look at life entirely. Snorkeling equipment (optional). Note: Attendance at all activities is mandatory. True and authentic to its core, the TTC is a magical and transforming course designed to ignite one’s soul and facilitate the realization of one’s true self. Become a yoga teacher. Our Costa Rica Yoga Teacher Training programs offer the unique opportunity to explore ancient yogic wisdom while restoring harmony and balance into your daily existence. Om shanti, shanti, shanti! Study of both the text and Swami Sivananda’s commentary. Life Change Through Yoga Teacher Training, A Dream Come True for this Teacher Training Graduate, 10 Amazing Things About Living at the Ashram, Professional Trainings, Certifications & CEU Credits, Book Your Trip and Register for Your Courses, Morning Satsang (meditation, chanting, and lecture; or silent walk), Main Lecture (yoga philosophy and psychology or anatomy and physiology), Evening Satsang (meditation, chanting, and lecture, concert, or special event). The teachers were exceptional. Water bottle The Black Yoga Teachers Alliance (BYTA) was founded in 2009 by yoga teachers Maya Breuer and Jana Long, as a social media group to provide a space for teachers, students, practitioners, healers, and enthusiasts to discuss yoga and wellness, to share information about classes, workshops, events and activities, and most importantly, to build a network and get to know one another. Gain a solid foundation in a classical yoga tradition, Live a yogic lifestyle, including vegetarian diet and daily practice, Experience Karma Yoga, selfless service for a common good. Deepen your spiritual connection to yoga and open to profound inner transformation, Immerse in a yogic lifestyle that promotes physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual growth and well-being, Interact with knowledgable senior ashram staff and others committed to the yogic path, Experience a lineage of peace and healing, passed down by true masters, Enjoy the expansive views, blue waters, soothing sounds, and sea air of our beachfront setting, Participate in weekly sunrise satsang walks on the beach, Meet people from all over the world who come here to study and practice yoga, Connect with a lineage that has a worldwide network of teachers, centers, and ashrams, Expand your horizons; in addition to the training content, you will be exposed to an array of leading thinkers, performers, and spiritual teachers, Live and study in a contemporary ashram for a month, Be part of a vibrant international yoga community, Experience a rich tapestry of evening events, during asana practice: you can wear your own clothes or the uniform during the TTC-specific asana classes. Our Tent Hut Singles are comfortably furnished with a single bed, a nightstand, closet, bedside lamp, and electrical outlet, with towels provided. Bahamian citizens receive 10% off the cost of the TTC. Visiting the Ashram Yoga Retreat on Paradise Island. Sivananda Ashram Yoga Retreat Bahamas * Early-Bird Savings does not apply to the already reduced Tent Hut rates in June. It was a privilege to be a part of this lineage. At the Yoga Retreat, morning satsangs feature senior ashram staff and spiritual leaders as well as visiting teachers and guides from Sivananda ashrams and centers worldwide. I really enjoyed the program and I don’t want to leave. Interested? Thinking about our 28-day yoga teacher training immersion in the Bahamas? Visiting the Ashram Yoga Retreat on Paradise Island, Calendar of Specialized Trainings for Yoga Teachers, Professional Trainings, Certifications & CEU Credits, Book Your Trip and Register for Your Courses. I have grown so much and I’m excited to apply what I have learned. This training will be offered in-person (limited spaces are available), online, or a combination (hybrid) of in-person & online training depending on each trainee's preference. Explore the Calendar of Specialized Trainings for Yoga Teachers. Ready for a life transformation? Graduation from the Sivananda Yoga Teacher Training Course (TTC) or Integral Yoga Teacher Training Course is required to enroll in Advanced TTC. Since 1968, Sivananda Ashram Yoga Retreat Bahamas has been a leading destination for people seeking a spiritual environment to study and practice yoga and develop a healthy lifestyle. Upon successful completion of the course students receive the Certificate of the International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centers, entitled Yoga Siromani (Teacher of Yoga). Our 290 Hour, Yoga Alliance Registered, Yoga Teacher Training, The Yoga of Mindfulness, with Grace Morales, and MyLinda Morales begins January 9, 2021. Bedding and towels are provided and shared bathrooms are just a short walk away. Through the monthlong Sivananda Yoga Teacher Training Course, you will: The goal of this training program is to produce qualified and inspiring yoga teachers who are able to draw on their own practice and personal discipline in imparting the yoga experience to others. Meet interesting people from all over the world. The experience provides a great way to find long lasting happiness, peace, and the ability to share the yogic lifestyle with others. Please note that there are laundry facilities onsite. Insect repellent Explore the path of selfless service and become a part of the ashram community, working to make everything run smoothly. 2:00 PM UTC-04 at Sivananda Ashram Yoga Retreat Bahamas. The best yoga instructors guide you with the utmost compassion and peace. Interested? Excellent teachers, wonderful teachings, a month of pure bliss. Trusting in that, one can flow, learn and unfold in the most beautiful and unimaginable way. During the day off, students are still required to attend morning and evening satsangs and to perform their Karma Yoga. Your clothing should cover your shoulders and knees; you will be most comfortable in light-weight pants (women can also wear long skirts or dresses), while off-site (on Paradise Island and in Nassau), you still represent the ashram and should plan to dress accordingly, Bhagavad Gita, with commentary by Swami Sivananda, Learn how to teach a 2-hour Sivananda Yoga class while gaining versatile teaching skills, including working with beginners as well as with intermediate and advanced students, Explore different techniques for teaching unique populations, such as children, the elderly, and pregnant women, Find greater flexibility and comfort in your personal practice of asanas (postures), Discover how to energize the body and calm the mind through the practice of pranayama (breathing), Maintain physical and mental purity through the practice of kriyas (cleansing), Learn meditation techniques and theory and the practice of mantra repetition, Study the timeless teachings of the Bhagavad Gita and other ancient yogic texts, as well as yoga philosophy and yoga psychology. Those taking the TTC in December or March can take the TTC and ATTC back-to-back, receiving a 10% discount on the total tuition for both and qualifying for 500-hour registration with Yoga Alliance. You are welcome to bring a tent up to a size of 8′ x 8.’ Want to learn more about sleeping in the open air at the ashram? You can find her practicing almost always on the beach - surrounded by the sound crashing waves, detoxifying salty … The TTC was intentionally designed with a rigorous schedule in order to transform students into authentic yogis, knowledgable teachers, and leaders for peace in the world. In devotional chanting correct pronunciation, devotional attitude and awareness of meaning are all-important. Best experience I have ever had! NEW TRAINING BEGINS JANUARY 9, 2021!!

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