masterbuilt smoked chicken brine

Using a chicken brine, though, can help lock in moisture while adding additional flavor. The reason we did pieces is 4 whole chickens will not fit in our smoker, but 4 pieced out chickens will. Thoroughly work the bbq chicken rub onto the meat, patting them into all exposed areas possible.You can follow the rub recipe from this chicken recipe , or create your own! How to brine a chicken before smoking. Simple Smoked Chicken Brine Recipe . Marinate. Keep in mind, this process won’t result in crispy skin. 10 mins. Once dried, use the remaining dry rub to season the outside of the chicken. 4 hrs. You can brine a whole chicken or pieces of chicken. Facebook Pinterest Print Email. Since smoking a chicken is a lengthy process, it can dry out a chicken. The smoked chicken will win the taste-test every time. Ingredients . Rather, it keeps it tender with a great texture. In the process of brining, a mixture of salt and other spices are mixed with water.… FOR THE BRINE… Reasons Why You Should Brine the Chicken. The smoked chicken brine in this recipe helps solve this issue by adding extra moisture into the skin. Prep. After removing your chicken from the brine, discard the liquid and pat the outside of the chicken dry with paper towels. The meat is immersed and remains in this water so that the brine and all its flavors can be absorbed. Our most recent smoking episode had us brining the breasts, legs, and thighs from four large chickens. 1 Brine. Serves. The added moisture keeps the skin from getting rubbery while cooking.

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