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[4a] For over 5000 years, he has waged war against the High Elves, seeking to reclaim the throne he considers his own. The Witch King rode upon a massive chariot wrought from black iron and enchanted with spells of dread and destruction. The raiders’ tales of cities paved with gold and immense, prehistoric ziggurats filled with riches beyond counting lured more and more Dark Elves into the rotting jungles and raids into Lustria now take place every few years. In battle against brutal Greenskins and warped monsters, Malekith perfected his fighting skills and rose to become a great leader. The debauchery lasted for a whole month, and culminated in a massive hunt during which a thousand slaves were let loose into the forests and the Dark Elves chased them down over the following weeks. When his loyalties were uncovered, Girathon assassinated the Phoenix King before he was himself slain. This article needs some improvement on its citations. Primitive humans lived there, in caves and mud huts. [1a], Fleeing retribution, Girathon swapped places with an innocent servant of the court, casting a glamour upon his victim to give him the appearance of the spymaster. Where the armies of the Witch King advanced, the warriors of Caledor fell back, only to outflank the soldiers of Nagarythe and strike back from unexpected quarters. The other Great Gates of the Annulii followed in the coming years, and soon the passes between the sundered lands and the Inner Kingdoms were separated by ramparts hundreds of feet high, held by stalwart defenders, ingenious war machines and powerful spells of protection. A wave of intellectual endeavour had swept the isle of the Elves, following the rise to power of Bel-Korhadris, a mage of Saphery. [1a], As before, Anlec became the foundation of the Dark Elves' occupation and was rebuilt over the course of a decade using iron-hard black stone from the quarries of Naggaroth. [4a], In the end he and his followers were driven out of Ulthuan, after Urathion's betrayal, making their way to the cold wastes of Naggaroth on the newly created Black Arks. Pleasured by concubines and given gifts of gold, silver and gems, the chief of the tribe quickly swore an oath of fealty to the 'Elf Queen’. With the threat of the Daemons gone, many of the lessons of hard war were forgotten. If Tethlis attempted to draw the Widowmaker, they would strike at once, cursed to sell their lives to prevent the Phoenix King from drawing the Murderer of Gods. Amidst the thrashing of the sharks, engulfed by waves and the screams of the wounded, the High Elves and Dark Elves butchered each other, fighting up to their waists in water, hacking at each other with primal fury. The Dark Elves fought savagely and the massacre is celebrated as the Day of Blood. At one eastern capital, mystics called up strange illusions and beastly apparitions to assail the Dark Elves as they stormed the towers protecting the city. Though his guards were all killed, Tethlis himself suffered not a single scratch and he returned to the Phoenix Gate unharmed. Driven mad by his dreams, overwhelmed by the terrors unleashed by the Dark Elves, Morvael committed suicide. With all of his prayers behind it, Teclis unleashed a bolt of energy directly at the Witch King. Kaledor Maglen, famed lord of the Shades and greatest explorer of the Underworld, had discovered a passage to the west, into the Boiling Sea. [1a], This centuries-long infiltration reached fruition when Girathon, one of Malekith's most trusted agents, acquired the position of chancellor to the Phoenix King. He and his sorcerers would unbind the magic of the Ulthuan vortex created by Caledor Dragontamer, unleashing the full fury of the Realms of Chaos upon the island. Here, the Dark Elves turned and faced Mentheus, determined that Anlec would never again fall. [1b][3] The shifting ice had ruptured an ancient vault, and within it Malekith found an artefact older even than the Elves. Malekith’s wizards unleashed bolts of black energy and called down terrible storms to ravage the lines of the Phoenix King’s army. Within forty years Tethlis' offensive, which would be recorded in High Elf annals as the Scouring, threatened to push the Dark Elves out of Ulthuan altogether. He would rather the world ended than see it ruled by any other. [4b], During the war before the Sundering, Malekith rode into battle either on the Black Chariot pulled by a pair of Cold Ones [4b] or the black dragon Sulekh until she was killed at the battle of Maledor.[1a]. Instantly realising the peril about to engulf Ulthuan, they added their own incantations to that of the Phoenix King’s wizards, and with a colossal release of magical energy they dragged the vortex into place once more. Malekith was to be outdone, however, as Tethlis’ whole attack and flight had been feigned - a lure to bait the Witch King from his fortress. With them came many Chaotic beasts that lived within Ulthuan’s magic-riven mountains. All the while, they began to spread their poisonous beliefs, and the ancient cults of pleasure began to grow again. [1a], Ghrond, the North Tower, this citadel was called, and here Morathi founded the Convent of Sorceresses. They knew that it was better to be poisoned than suffer under the rule of the others. Northwards Tethlis drove the Naggarothi host, harrying them constantly, allowing them no respite to recover their nerve and choose their ground. Ulthuan’s rivers ran red with blood as wanton slaughter engulfed the isle. The city was named Hag Graef, the Dark Crag. They came closest to success when they caught Tethlis travelling north from the Phoenix Gate. From Hag Graef, the Dark Elves ventured into the Black Spine Mountains. The mage-king built a great edifice to his own glory and the study of the magical arts, raising the White Tower of Hoeth to rival the soaring spires of Ghrond. For thirty years Malekith probed and assaulted the outposts in the mountains, but Caledor’s armies were well organised and disciplined and every attack was beaten back after vicious fighting. Shrouding his army in sorceries that warded away the winter chill, Malekith sent forth his remaining legions. Formerly praised and honoured as the Great, today he is cursed and feared as the Witch King.

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