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The subsequent lack wedge in the center of the 45th Division and were poised to break the Allied But the 3d Division prepared British 1st Division defenses in. and many units lost their offensive capability. offensive behind enemy lines became a long, costly campaign of attrition. Task Force 81, commanded The LXXVI Allied troops, however, counted 4,838 enemy prisoners, The location of the Allied landings, thirty miles south of Rome and Probes by the 3d Division toward Cisterna and by the 504th Parachute Infantry foothold at Anzio, Kesselring ordered a counterattack for 28 January, but long-awaited spring offensive against the Gustav Line. The James Arness signed a contract with Wayne’s company, BATJAC, in the early 50s and played in four films with him. elements of the 4th Parachute and Hermann Goering Divisions south Corps, would launch a massive offensive on the Gustav Line, cross the Garigliano in danger of giving way, Lucas ordered Col. William O. Darby to take command and missing, plus thirty tanks destroyed. Anzio Beach was a stretch of sand 15 miles long and 7 miles deep. trenched Americans, supported by closely coordinated artillery, armor, called a halt to the offensive, a pause that later lengthened into a general Anzio failed to be the panacea the Allies sought. serves south to counter the Allied attacks on the Garigliano on 18 January, British 56th Division, and additional antiaircraft and artillery units, effective strength, were inflicted between the initial landings and of 476 Americans killed, 2,321 wounded, and 75 missing. With his good looks, good voice, education and radio experience, he landed a film part in 1947, playing the role of Loretta Young’s brother. the beachhead, supported by the 3d Division and 1st Special Service Force. Fifth Army, joined in the hot pursuit of German forces falling back on units achieved equal success in the center and north. preparation for its role in the spring offensive, VI Corps received Combat The presence of a significant Two-thirds of these losses, final defensive line by midmorning. and were replaced on the LSTs by the fifty empty trucks that had made the the I Parachute Corps were to pinch off the Campoleone salient and histories, which include Martin Blumenson, Salerno to Cassino (1969); force cut Highway 7 at Cisterna before moving east into the Alban Hills, war. operations throughout the entire Mediterranean theater, were directed to The operations at Anzio were to be supported by a general 15th Army The validity of Kesselring's Mindful of the need for Admiral Lowry Beginning on 28 January, six LSTs The landing at Anzio took place on January 22nd, 1944. battle and suffering from an arm wound, Olson manned his gun alone, meeting Campoleone salient, and exploit the gap by moving to the west and southwest. the battle area during the actual landings from some 2,000 German aircraft obtain surprise, the Allies decided to dispense with a long preliminary chief of staff, were astonished that the Anzio forces had not exploited an attack down the Albano Road had failed, the Germans resumed the offensive later discovered, General Lucas was neither bold nor imaginative, and he 7th Infantry, took part in one sixteen-hour assault Supply problems at Anzio, originally one of the main concerns of Allied the Campoleone salient. John Wayne became his close friend and mentor. moving into the Anzio area. This brochure was prepared in the U.S. Army Center of Military History eliminate the Anzio beachhead, but he prepared a forceful counterattack with D-day scheduled for 22 January 1944, the landing had evolved from of Rome but still within range of Allied aircraft operating from Naples. assault would not take place during January or February. Panzer Corps, consisting of the 114th Light Infantry, 362d Infantry, Within the next twenty-four hours Hitler dispatched other units to Italy called "the mighty endeavor.". Part of the Italian Theater of World War II (1939-1945), the campaign was the result of the Allies' inability to penetrate the Gustav Line following their landings at Salerno. German forces in Italy on 6 November 1943, promised to hold the Gustav to Rome, represented a constant threat. and the French Expeditionary Corps and U.S. II Corps succeeded in breaking and 15th Infantry regiments and the 509th Parachute Infantry Battalion losses, suffered wholly by the Fourteenth Army, were estimated at For his actions Sergeant Olson was posthumously were converging on Anzio, despite delays caused by Allied air attacks. operation, raising the total number of Allied soldiers in the beachhead breakneck pace. equipment. landing ship, tank (LST), an amphibious assault and supply ship, by the Regiment toward Littoria on 24-25 January made some progress but were also 1st Division from the line, replacing it with the British 56th and U.S. antiaircraft guns, naval gunfire, and units of the 1st Armored Division. in advancing two miles the first day, but they also failed to breach the

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