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1. But this is only valuable for website-specific sales. The results showed that an auto-playing video created greater engagement, achieving a +33% uplift in customers clicking through to get tickets. Get great ecommerce insights delivered to your inbox every week. Embed these videos on your website: homepage, about pages, product pages, FAQ pages, etc. If you’re going to invest time and energy into high-quality videos, you want to be sure they are set up for success. 4. Be in the know. Product videos are fantastic for converting web visitors into customers, but that’s not all they are good for – product videos can actually increase traffic and raise SEO for your ecommerce company. But that’s not all Wyzowl discovered in their survey. This channel would contain not only the leaning process of e-commerce but also different latest and interesting topics about e-commerce which would open a unique world to people. It goes without saying that visuals play a powerful role here. The nail polish brand knows that in the retail nail polish industry, the nail design is often a more powerful purchase trigger than the nail polish color on its own. It improves conversion, boosts SEO, drives engagement on social media, educating and entertaining consumers. Product videos and video content marketing are the tools you should use to sell your products. 94% of marketers stated that video increase users’ understanding of their products. According to a study by Brightcove, 46% of consumers revealed that they have purchased an item due to watching a video. Consider this: What’s even more appealing is the sticky “add-to-bag” button that follows the user as they browse through the visual content and gives them a cue that the site is shopping-ready and anticipates their action. Alex Yao, co-head of Asia technology, media and telecommunications (TMT) research at JPMorgan Chase & Co., sees continued room for China's e-commerce … AI Multiple, a digital B2B research firm, found that video content makes website visitors 64-85% more likely to buy a product, compared to static images. You go online and start researching. Use them in your lead generation and retargeting ads. You read the product description details and look at the photos, but then decide to visit YouTube to check and see how these products perform in real life and what other hiking aficionados say about the brands, shoes, and gadgets. The newest video platform, TikTok, has the highest average engagement rate posts of any social media platform. This type of video has many different uses. It displays your voice, your face, your eyes as if you’re standing in front of your customers. Portland, OR 97209. Make Ecommerce Product Video. You’ve decided to take on a new sport and give hiking a try. In fact, you could produce the other videos on this list, but instead of an actor or other associate in your company, your CEO is in the video. If you’re running an e-commerce website but still aren’t using video, then you’re missing out. 3. Here’s a great example of a video testimonial for the Roku device. Make sure to match the dimensions, length, and other technical parameters of each platform. It would certainly make the experience more complete and you would be ready to make a purchase much faster. And it demonstrates confidence in your brand and products. The mobile-friendly version of the brand’s ecommerce site incorporates responsive design that allows smooth browsing and an uncompromised experience. Let’s review a few of our faves. 6 types of eCommerce videos you need in your marketing strategy 1. Video is a key tool in eCommerce user experience design. Consumers who watch your video content on their mobile devices are nearly 2x more likely to feel a personal connection to your brand and 1.3x more likely than desktop users. You’re running ads on social media. Product videos have been proven to increase sales. And with the growing number of e-commerce competitors, getting into video now might not be a bad idea. Suite 202 Having an omnichannel marketing strategy is key to success, but you may still be struggling to create the type of content your audience wants to consume. As soon as you land on their website you are greeted with a stunning full-screen video preview and a teasing play button, which begs to be clicked. Now let’s have a look at some examples of the right uses of videos on ecommerce sites. Zandra Beauty . Optimizing shopping experience for mobile visitors is crucial for staying relevant. If you are an ecommerce marketer you might start licking your lips at this point. A good example illustrating this is Adidas. And Brightlocal found that buyers prefer to read an average of 40 online reviews before believing a business’s star-rating. It lets you show off your personality. All of which can create a strong bond between you and your audience. Considering that video now appears in 70% of the top 100 search results and that viewers are 60% more likely to buy after watching a product video, you should start using videos on your e-commerce website. By clicking ‘Subscribe’, you consent to Yieldify using the information you provide to us to contact you about our products and services. If they check those boxes, then you should definitely produce this type of video. answering customer questions and concerns, 80% of the millennial and 70% of Baby Boomer shoppers, 31 Ecommerce Product Filter UX Design Best Practices, How to Prepare Your Ecommerce Site for the GDPR, 21 Effective Product Recommendation Tips (That Increase Conversions), The 7 Ecommerce KPIs That Matter Most (to Long-Term Growth). You could expand on the idea by making videos showing outfit ideas, advice on color combinations, and accessories. 1.8X. No one said your product videos needed to be serious. Videoanzahl für Ihren Shop abschätzen Produkt-Demo vereinbaren. Normally, an apparel e-commerce specialist would just have pictures of the clothing and a simple description. Now that’s a powerful way to captivate visitors and prompt them to explore your products! Take Riddell for example, a company specializing in American football gear. They open with a central problem they know their audience deals with and position their undershirts as the perfect solution. Be Everywhere, Now. In return, 84% of consumers say that they’ve been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a brand’s video. Facebook videos have an average engagement rate of 6.13% compared to just 3.6% for Facebook posts in general. You may unsubscribe from these communications at any time. At Yieldify, we built multiple campaigns for our clients across various eCommerce industry verticals. Imagine the following. As a result, the M6 Boutique live stream gained 150,000 additional views in just a month. From beauty brands run by young entrepreneurs to retailers shipping products that live and breathe, there’s no shortage of brands making inspiring product and eCommerce videos right here on Vimeo. Serve them across the entire customer journey: from lead capture forms to exit-intent overlays, etc. Product videos are essential in ecommerce today. Bonus – Product Videos Bring More Traffic To Your Ecommerce Company. The videos are placed right underneath the main product photo and are difficult to miss. In this post, we’re going to cover the reasons why you should create an eCommerce video marketing strategy and give you a variety of video ideas to choose from. You’ll want to describe your product in a similar way. With videos on-site, they won’t have to spend the time and effort to visit a physical store or search YouTube for advice. These types of videos are super important for skeptical buyers who are wary of being disappointed by big marketing claims. And 90% of people say they have discovered a brand or product on YouTube. According to research by Wyzowl, videos are great for eCommerce marketers for a number of reasons: 96% of consumers said that they watched an explainer video first before purchasing a product. So make sure you create a video that grabs attention. In another example, Yieldify helped France’s leading home shopping network, M6 Boutique, reinforce its core brand values using video. In 2019, Stackla conducted a survey of over 1,500 consumers and marketers in the US, UK, and Australia. David Hoos / Last Updated: September 5, 2019, David Hoos / Last Updated: April 20, 2018, Jon MacDonald / Last Updated: November 5, 2019. 73% of consumers are more likely to buy products after watching videos that show them in action. From clever site navigation, to sleek and functional product page design, the trick is to keep customers focused on that they came to do. Online video brings e-commerce products to life in a way that only promotional video can, which results in higher customer satisfaction and higher online sales conversion. Sometimes professionally-made branded product videos are just not enough to convert visitors. And we’re not talking about the futuristic interface that you can use to video-communicate with a remote salesperson online. Ecommerce conversion optimization is not easy, and requires great attention to detail for all the elements comprising an online shopping journey. Buyers want to see videos of your product that make them feel as if they are holding it themselves. Videos can also be a powerful ally for answering customer questions and concerns once they land on your pages. With Rocketium's video templates, stay ahead of the curve. Joe is CloudApp’s GM and VP of Marketing. The video gallery includes product presentation videos, how-to fitting videos and demo videos showcasing how the products are set and released for the safety of the players. Die DemoUp Video Plattform bietet automatisierte Einbindung der besten Produktvideos von Herstellern und steigert damit die Konversion.-Tausende von Produktvideos für Ihren Ecommerce Shop . We have reviewed and tested the top video tools. A product overview video goes in-depth into the features and benefits of your product. Let’s get back to our hiking example. When visitors land on your site for the first time they’re looking for clues as to what makes your brand special and different from all the others. Video Marketing for eCommerce: 6 Types of Videos That Will Help You Sell More. Conversion is a game of grabbing the attention and maintaining the focus on desire for a product, so all elements should be tuned towards achieving this, including videos. Größte Produktvideodatenbank. Take a cue from Arc’Teryx, a brand specializing in mountaineering apparel and gear. Find out for free. Remember, a mere 0.25% of new visitors to your site will convert on their first visit. Connect with Joe on LinkedIn and follow him on Twitter @joeDmarti. Product close-up videos zoom in on your product and display specific features viewers may not see in pictures, or demonstrate a function that has to be observed very closely, or simply show off your … Looking for ideas for using video to grow your e-commerce business? IGTV (Instagram TV): First, let’s start with IGTV. Try to incorporate some of these tips on your ecommerce site, run A/B tests, and see what works and what doesn’t in your case. more likely for an online shopper to purchase after viewing demo videos. A message from the Founder of the CEO video is not used by many companies, but when executed well, it can be a powerful tool to add to your eCommerce video marketing strategy. These are the things that shoppers would normally ask the salesperson in a physical store, so having videos that anticipate these kind of questions and answer them makes online shopping less ambiguous and helps customers take the brand’s online sales channels seriously. They’re usually 30-seconds to a minute in length. While the product overview shows off the features and benefits of a product in broad strokes, a product tutorial video demonstrates how a customer can perform specific tasks using the product through step-by-step instructions. There are many ways to edit your videos for free. Okay. You want to make browsing on your site smooth and intuitive, reduce frictions and bounce rates, and make visitors enjoy completing the path to conversion. Consider adding subtitles to your videos for people who don’t like to watch with sound. Your customers are more likely to buy your product if your eCommerce marketing strategy leverages the content medium they prefer. Take Tassimo UK, for instance. Buyers want to see videos of your product that make them feel as if they are holding it themselves. The results revealed that video was more effective at driving conversions, with 42.2% uplift versus the control group. They bring brand storytelling to life, keep visitors informed, help answer common shopper questions, and, most importantly, positively influence customer experience. You should try to capture as much detail as possible so customers will have a clear understanding of what they’re buying. In other words, if you were shopping for hiking gear online, the ecommerce sites featuring product videos that talk about the brand, showcase product features and give how-to practical tips and advice would have much greater chance at winning you as a new customer. Außerdem ist YouTube eine der beliebtesten Internetseiten. On Twitter, for example, Tweets with videos are ten times more likely to 10x more engagement than Tweets without video. Ja, es ist bisschen seltsam sich YouTube als Werbeplattform vorzustellen, da gebe ich Dir echt. Video is especially helpful in facilitating storytelling. Our mission is to remove all the bad online experiences until only the good remain. (We Think So), Small Business CRO It should be obvious at this point that eCommerce success is closely related to having a strong video marketing strategy in place. Do Scroll Maps Help You Increase Conversions? This can also help build excitement for your product, especially when leading up to a product launch date. Mehr als 150.000 Videos weltweit führender Marken. Having videos on these pages will boost average time spent on the site and will likely improve the customer experience by providing answers on the most relevant questions. is the percentage of digital video penetration rate in the U.S. 1 in 4 . This video combines the brand’s humor with its niche... Man Crates. And eCommerce store can do well with video marketing as it’s able to show products in a more convincing way. The best part? Click here to see how Yieldify can increase your conversions and show you a better way to use video in your eCommerce marketing strategy. Make how-to videos, product demos, and more using your existing photos and video clips. Instagram's "Reels," which mimics TikTok, follows that trend. 9 Popular Product Videos, for Ecommerce September 28, 2015 • Sig Ueland Creating a product video can be a good way to deliver useful information about a product, as well as to … Product close-up. There are many elements that comprise excellent online customer experience, from intuitive navigation, shoppable visuals to easy checkout. Look no further than online video marketing. Videos can also be a powerful ally for answering customer questions and concerns once they land on your pages.

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