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[volume & issue needed] The first arc of this series "Conquest", sees Cable tracking down a time-traveling villain. Back home, Cable bodyslides into the Danger Room and runs holographic sequences that depict the day Cyclops sent Cable into the future. After Outlaw becomes a fugitive, Cable recommends Deadpool to track her down and retrieve it. Sam heals quickly. After his wife and daughter are killed by a powerful mutant known as Firefist, Cable time travels to the year 2018, seeking to prevent the deaths of his family. They are quickly accosted by Bysshe but are able to shut her down. Cable surrenders himself to his son to save his friends, but leaves a faint telepathic message for Storm to follow a hidden homing beacon. He soothed the pain of every single person on earth suffering from disease. The New Mutants line-up gets shaken up and the team officially changes its moniker to X-Force. Cable (Nathan Summers) is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics, commonly in association with X-Force and the X-Men. Eventually Silver Surfer got into the picture and battled Cable. Cable leads X-Force through to retrieve their teammate. In Tolliver's Italian mansion, he finally learns that his Domino is a fake and the real Domino has been a prisoner of Tolliver's for around a year. Again the Dark Riders flee, but this time Cable and the others are teleported to Akkaba where the entire village has been murdered. [51] He would later investigate the emergence of a mysterious island, that was approaching Krakoa, alongside Cyclops and Prestige. Moved by Deadpool's selfless act of heroism, Cable uses the last charge of his time travel device to save Wade's life. Nathan Summers might have come first, but the best point to start collecting Cable is at the beginning – Cable’s first appearance in New Mutants #87. The portal is closed and Cable and Lee bodyslide back to normal life. [63], As of the end of the "Avengers: X-Sanction" storyline, Hope Summer has apparently cured Cable of the techno-organic virus using the Phoenix Force, and appears to at least have his telepathy. Cable and the X-Force get the upper-hand and Reignfire departs. Rhodes takes him home, as he recognizes Cable as a man touched by war. In the future, Mother Askani, a time-displaced Rachel Summers, pulled the minds of Scott and Jean into the future where, as "Slym" and "Redd", they raised Cable for twelve years. [44] After Captain America disbands the Uncanny Avengers in the aftermath of the "Civil War II" storyline and Cable and Rogue team up with villains Sebastian Shaw and Toad to find a cure for the Terrigen Mists,[volume & issue needed] Rogue continues the team in their mission to stop the Red Skull. As a surprise move, Tyler gets introduced as the newest initiate into Stryfe's forces, having been mentally manipulated by the mutant Frisco. Cable gets beat pretty bad. Forge has since outfitted Cable with new gear: Bionic Gauntlet: Due to his arm atrophying so bad, it is severely weakened to the point it is near useless. Unfortunately, Nathan is no match for the beast and is nearly killed. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. [85], X-Men Forever is an alternate universe written by Chris Claremont that takes place after the events of X-Men (Vol. Cable's group does damage to a member or two, but Stryfe is able to get away yet again. With his whole unit nearly killed, Cable enters Nimrod's mind and somehow convinces the robot that it will kill more humans than mutants, thereby making its entire existence futile. He realizes that he's led his team incorrectly for far too long and determines to make his soldiers less like himself and more into who they should be. Cable is ultimately killed by Wolverine,[84] but his actions have already led to the further oppression of mutants. When he lost those powers, he then dubbed himself the protector of Hope Summers and brought her with him into the future for protection. Cable had Deadpool use a teleporter matrix to lobotomize him so he couldn't use his higher brain functions, like telepathy, but not before Cable safely lowered Providence into the South Pacific. He spent two days removing every logger in the amazon. The demon is defeated when Cable and Lee find hope. The two men clash and Magneto rips Cable's metal body parts to ribbons. Cable's first adult appearance was in New Mutants Vol.1 issue 87 (1990), but he had appeared earlier on as an infant in Uncanny X-Men issue 201 (1986). Team X sought to free Earth from the control of the Shi'ar Majestrix Alanna, the daughter of Charles Xavier and Lilandra. Upon visiting the future, he sees an apocalyptic wasteland of ash. First Appearance Of Find The First Appearance Of Your Favorite Comic Book Characters Although, as an infant, Cable was infected with the Techno-Organic Virus and, for the majority of his life, had to unconsciously keep the virus, that had ravaged the left half of his body, from doing the same to the right side. But it’s the next issue (that’d be issue 87, check our math on that), that Cable was introduced, prominently on the cover, with cover inks by Todd McFarlane no less. Investigation, during this Kings of Pain story arc, leads to a brief encounter with the New Warriors. During this first appearance he is not affected by the T-O Virus and is depicted as just being a mercenary that finds out he was working for the wrong side. She admits that she doesn't even want him to try. They were modified with reinforced steel limb replacements to make up for their extremital handicap. The velocity, however, begins to dangerously shake Cable. This listing is for the pictured New Mutants #87, which is the first appearance of Nathan Dayspring, otherwise known as the mutant Cable. This Cable is a member of Team X and serves alongside Bishop, Deathbird, Vertigo (jubilee), Falcon, Doctor Doom, Wolverine and Longshot. Nathan is saved, however, by his father, Cyclops, and Jean Grey. Cable then finds Adam-X and convinces him to lead the rest of X-Force into a confrontation with Strong himself. They end up in another dimension that drives the men to blood-lust. The team splits up and Sunfire leads the members with flight capabilities, while Cable takes the ground troops. Cable explains that he’s not sure how it happened, but that he believes that he is a clone of Stryfe. Before they can reach the time chamber they are attacked by Flatliners. Okay, at the tail end of 1989, Rob Liefeld starts his run on New Mutants with issue 86, instantly reviving sales of the book. Due to their snooping, they run right into a Stryfe operation. Part of the spell needed to do so is the use of babies to act as a portal. Due to being afflicted with a super soldier serum fabricated by a weapons dealer, Cable was rendered into a catatonic state which threatened his body and his live with a volatile spontaneous combustion effect if not kept under constant stasis incubation. Cable and the Red Hulk go at it, and Cable believes the Red Hulk is really Glen Talbot, but doesn't realize that that time hasn't come yet and during the battle, Cable is taken over by the techno-virus, but is able to use it against the Hulk to defeat him. The death was shown in X-Force #28 written by Craig Kyle and Chris Yost, who noted that, "For us, Cable was always a character whose death was something the character himself would put forward—if that's what it took to complete his mission, he wouldn't think twice about it. He gets slagged and left behind and has to escape the Freedom Force cronies. They show and Cable ambushes them again. Cable was among the last surviving super-humans and was a part of the team known as the X-Saviours, alongside the Hulk, Storm and Angel. He does not appear anywhere in the issue's story except for the "next issue" teaser. Cable helps his team blast through the mercenaries and then informs them that he needs their help getting Kane back to the past. This characterization slowly changed into that of a mutant with robot parts. Cable joins the Professor to his younger self and then departs. He attended a family barbecue, where he traded guns with Raza of the Starjammers. The Warheads are whisked away and X-Force is left to fight some jumbo cats. In this reality, Cable had been tasked by the government to lead the N.Y.X.F., a special task force to police the growing mutant population. He then pursues Black Tom. Nate defeats Exodus while Blaquesmith tries to talk Cable into killing Nate. Cyclops's future paternity to Cable is implied after Jean Gray telepathically read Cable's mind. Ultimately, Cable leads a faction of mutants loyal to him and assassinates the Professor, Cyclops, and Jean Grey before embarking on a violent crusade. He is able to find his way back to his home in the future. Cable and Cyclops also do not get along during missions. He was then simply leader of a team that defied Xavier's dream while continuing to fight for its own ideals. Apocalypse infected the infant with a techno-organic virus, an incurable affliction. Cable begins his plans by unleashing the Lethal Legion from their sky prison, and takes out the Falcon to lure Captain America to his base. Cable is responsible for genocide on Earth and has also killed Deadpool. Nathan Christopher Charles Summers was born to Scott and Madelyne Pryor-Summers, as a weapon for Mr. Sinister to use against Apocalypse, and has been fighting in wars most of his life. All Cable cares about is that Rictor is retrieved. Domino goes off to find Cable's X-Force while Cable bodyslides to his space base, Graymalkin. When Cable attempts to enter a diner, he is attacked by Bishop who has apparently tracked him down and wants to kill the baby because he believes that the baby will bring doom to mutants in the future. He is still a capable telekinetic as he has shown to still be able to fling multiple obese creatures that were able to give Colossus pause through a wall and he could raise a shield that could block a punch from Colossus that would have killed him. | Today in Marvel History Written by Archie Goodwin with art by George Tuska, the first issue saw Carl Lucas wrongfully charged for a crime he didn't commit. They relate their findings to Storm back on Earth, and she requests that they wait for the other teams. [64] As a result, his cybernetic eye and arm have been restored to flesh and blood, although almost nonfunctional and atrophied, forcing Cable to wear an eyepatch (hiding a psimitar like implant) and use an enhanced brace, made by Forge and laden with special weaponry. Belasco then shows up and introduces Cable to the Nexus of All Realities. (Mother Askani/Rachel is able to bring the psyches of the honeymooning Scott and Jean into the future to raise and protect Nathan during a particularly violent time when Apocalypse's purges were threatening the Askani's existence.) Cable had never known that he and Stryfe shared the same face. [55] Cable himself stating that both his telepathy and telekinesis have faded to nothing. After traveling for five months, Cable arrives in New Jersey in the year 2043 A.D. and in a hostile environment. Sentenced to 20 years in Seagate Prison, Lucas was targeted by a racist prison guard who tampered with an experimental machine during a trial. A battle ensues, with Cable eventually surrendering on the condition that the other men will let him explain his position. The Warheads (a group of inter-dimensional mercenaries employed by MyS-Tech) inadvertently stole the Clavis Key, a device used to keep dimensions in check. Second Coming is by far my favorite Cable story as it explores the father/daughter relationship between Cable … Cable is taken into Avengers Mansion where he is held captive. 1st appearance of Cable, Stryfe & the Mutant Liberation Front. The Askani Cloisters are attacked and Nathan is nearly taken to Apocalypse by Ch'Vayre. Because he can only be saved by the technology of the far-future, Scott reluctantly allows Sister Askani, a member of a clan of warriors dedicated to opposing Apocalypse, to take Nathan into the future so that he can be cured, a one-way trip from which she tells him she and Nathan will be unable to return. A.I.M. Cable is finally able to subdue Kane. Harras may also have suggested the character's bionic eye. [45], After the events of "Secret Wars" storyline, Cable stars in his third ongoing monthly series, as part of Marvel's 2017 "X-Men: ResurrXion" relaunch of its X-Men and Inhumans-related books. In it, it is revealed that X-Factor's confrontation with Apocalypse ended differently—Nathan was saved, but aged somehow from a toddler into a child. It appears to the members of the Six Pack, Cable teleported away and left them to die in the explosion. However, Fantomex goes insane from needing to "be the best" and betrays the team using new god-like powers derived from a digitized form of the Volga Effect he had copied during a tryst with Meme. He finds a pirate ship has been attacked and attempts to save the last survivor from the deadly Daegon. After many events and battles, the baby ends up in Cable's hands. He also shows up in Deadpool and Strider Hiryu's respective endings. This is heresy, since the Clan has historically been made up of women. Cable's threats are only met by Black Tom showing a detonator that is rigged to blow the building they are in. The true son of Scott and Jean Summers, this Nathan had been born after his parents had retired from being X-Men and went to live in Alaska and also had a younger sister Rachel. Mechanical Prosthesis: Due to severing his hand in a prior engagement, all of Cables clones were fabricated without their right arms from the get go. Severally damaging his right eye. At one point during Cable's tenure with the Six Pack, he travels to the future and has his computer, Professor, research a group of seemingly immortal mutants called Externals. Mr. Sinister had hoped to use the boy as a weapon against Apocalypse but was unable to do so. Blaquesmith appears and informs him that Aliya is really the one Nathan was to meet. He stopped a daily average of fourteen individual terrorist attacks, eleven hundred attempted murders and seven thousand car accidents. [21] The series largely dealt with Cable's efforts to change the world for the better, including turning his old spaceship Greymalkin into the floating utopian island of Providence. He didn't learn the truth about his lineage until much later). [15] Cable also leads the New Mutants against Cameron Hodge and the Genoshans in the 1990 "X-Tinction Agenda" storyline. Wolverine is rather callous towards Cable's loss and this supposedly causes a rivalry between the two men which lasts decades. Deadpool managed to repair Cables personal timeline, meshing all of his parallel time counterparts together back onto him like forging tempered steel; this not only restored cables techno-organics but also gave him back his psionic powers once again. He approves of a formal plan by Cyclops and, even more impressive, gets into a drop-of-a-hat battle alongside Gambit to try to free the prisoners. Having gained intelligence that the government is moving forward with artificial intelligence that could potentially wipeout mutantkind, Cable has X-Force move in to destroy whatever prototype has been assembled. At first, Cable was not intended to be the adult version of Nathan Summers, but was created as a result of unrelated editorial concerns. agent Matthew Cable drives his friends, the scientists Alec and Linda Holland, to a remote cabin in the Louisiana bayou. They are too late, however, and a Nimrod robot springs to life and begins attacking. On the Astral Plane, Cable shows that he is a novice at these powers and gets distracted by a memory picked up from Jean from his childhood almost as if Jean shared a memory with him. Now going by Brother Nathan, he lives in a world where adventure is found through thought and the exploration of the human mind. The Savior But could there be a challenger to both? Based on his recent run-in with his son, Cable takes a different course of action in dealing with Feral. In this reality, Cable had stopped fighting his Techno-organic virus and had joined Magneto's Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. [82] After Apocalypse's death, Cable fades out of existence. [17] The X-Force series provided further detail for the character's back story revealing that he was from the future and that he had traveled to the past with the aim of stopping Stryfe's plans as well as preventing Apocalypse's rise to power. Cable believes that Xavier's methods are too soft during hard times and the dream requires a much more aggressive approach. This storyline quickly ended without resolution when Marvel dropped the Externals concept. Due to the techno-organic virus being purged from his body, Cable's body is suffering from aftereffects for having to fight it off for so long. His current level of telepathy is still sufficient enough for basic communications and he was temporarily able to stun a small group of Avengers composed of Thor, Rogue, Sunfire, Captain America, and Havok long enough for his team to escape, but he collapsed afterwards. Browse Marvel's comprehensive list of Cable comics. Realizing that they have to stop Russell before he can kill the abusive head of the orphanage where he was tormented, the two team up. [1] Writer Chris Claremont, who had written the series since issue #94 (August 1975), revealed Madelyne to be pregnant in X-Men/Alpha Flight #1 (December 1985). Cable manages to convince Kane that he is not Stryfe and also makes a deal that if Kane helps him bag Stryfe then Cable will get some futuristic help for Hammer. line of bobbleheads. In Fathers and Sons, Mr. Sinister learns the truth from Tyler Dayspring (that Cable is the original and Stryfe was the clone) and confronts Cable with the knowledge.

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