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Upon doing that head on down as you want to try get down there as quickly as you can as this one may take a couple of tries in getting the skill point(s) for this one. When there you'll want to make it near the vendor and to the left as you'll see some crates that you can destroy for some bolts but go farther and around the corner as you'll find the first of two RYNO Holo Plans that's on this planet. This topic is locked from further discussion. Once across head straight as there'll be a couple of Thugs to deal with upon getting there and when they've been dealt with there'll be two ways of going either to the left or to the right. While you have only one minute to take down fifteen targets. Once you finish this one you'll be able to get the GrummelNet Jetpack. Make your way through the opening then up each of the platforms to the top and when there you'll find another RYNO Holo Plan that you'll need when you talk to the Plumber later on in the game. Once you get it there get to where you can pull it then get on the other side to push it down then change the gravity down to put it where it needs to go so you can get the blockage to continue. The RYNO VII is a weapon invented by the Plumber in Into the Nexus. This area have to look at the Grav Targets as there'll be one on the wall at the end as you need to fire at that then the one at the far on the left end then the same with the Grav Targets that's on the other walls of the ones on the right. **Second Visit to Deplanetizer (RYNO VII)** . Powerup the Weeblesnog water pumps. When you have turned the bolt crank that'll bring the ramp up with some platforms to go to upon leaving the ramp to get up to where you'll need to meet up with Neftin. The Holo Plan is right there. Alternatively if you need to head to any other planets to get anything you missed up to this point you can use the swingshots to the left to get to your ship, otherwise get on the taxi to head onto the next area. When the path has cleared and now to make your way to the orphanage where Neftin and Vendra were at, as you want to go ahead and drop down as there'll be a wrench crank to bring out the swingshot target so you can get across by jumping and pressing Circle while using the Left Analog Stick. Once you fall down where it is, push it so far before changing gravity down then pull or push the moveable object so you can open the rock gate. New Objective The Grav Target that you had cleared out if you aim at that one then one of the others but if you act quickly to the right you can claim another Gold Bolt. To get the RYNO VII you first have to gather all 9 Holo Plans (2 are collected as part of the story and another one is a reward from the Destructapalooza Gold Cup). When you get it far away from it change gravity to the left so you can repeat the process of covering up a laser to not get damaged and jump over the object. Go to Containment Wing to Secure Vendra Prog. After you have done that it'll be time to enter the bronze cup and win it to get the jetpack but without going through four separate challenges with their own rewards. You'll be able to get some ammo back with the ammo crates but it'll only refill one or two weapons depending on which is in the crate after each regeneration later on in the fight. The only attack that it does is like a laser that it'll fire and drag from one side to another, as you can try using that to your advantage if you can time it right to jump over it. Get onto the nearest grav leap platform to make your way back inside. The moment that you get to the gift shop you'll have to face off against the Nethers and after you clear out most of them a Netherbrute will come in as you'll need to dispose of it before you can get out to head to the next area of the city to face off against the rest of the Nethers. Stay Frosty As you advance there'll be at least a few more of the flowers that'll be doing the same along with a few other Sarathoids to deal with and like the previous are know what to do here. Once in the grav stream take it up to the next level then use the tour bot to get in the next room and once in the room you'll need to head to the wrench crank to the right to lower the head of the statue so you can make it to the end. Remember how you dealt with that fight for this and you should have it but know that there'll be Thugs to deal with. Video Game News, Lists & Guides. Escape the Nebulox Debris Field. When they're out of the way there are three ways that you can go by going to the left, straight ahead or you can take a right. The Thugs have rebuilt the Mangler and given it a few new death traps. It is obtained by collecting nine holo-plans that can be found hidden in … Take it until you come to a tower that has more Serathoids as you want to dispose of them then head up the magnetic wall up the tower and when you do you'll need the Hover Boots to get across but if you aren't careful when going across you'll have to start over again. There are two shortcuts you can use by passing through rings that make this an easy race to win. Drop down then up the ladder and it should be right there to do the next puzzle. Once that you claim it head to the connecting bridge to where you can see more Nethers that need to be taken care of as you get down there to deal with them as well as another brute in the process which should be the final Netherbrute to deal with. There should be at least a couple or so waves before you can be able to continue on. Once across and up to the next platform, a little ways in as there'll be a quake as part of the ground will be lowered in the process. **Planet Kalebo III (RYNO VI Protosuit)** . Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus FAQ/Walkthrough, Netherverse Puzzle 2: Patch to the Orphanage, Netherverse Puzzle 3: The Caves to Vendra, Netherverse Puzzle 5: Saving Vendra Part I, Netherverse Puzzle 6: Saving Vendra Part II, Boost Jump [standing] / Stretch Pump [Running], Go to Containment Wing to Secure Vendra Prog, Grav-Leap to the Thug ship circling the Nebulox Seven, * - Becomes available after meeting up with Neftin on Planet Thram, Beat Pest Control with just the Omniwrench, Trade 30 Gargathon Horns to Gain Access to Fuel Station, Defeat the Nether Leader and banish his kind, Collect All 9 Holo Plans + Talk to Plumber on Thram, Upgrade Omniblasters to Level 3 + Beat Game, Upgrade Fusion Bomb to Level 3 + Beat Game, Upgrade Quantom Repulsor to Level 3 + Beat Game, Upgrade Terrorizer to Level 3 + Beat Game, Upgrade Prog Blades to Level 3 + Beat Game, Upgrade Zurkon Family to Level 3 + Beat Game, Upgrade Blizz-o-Matic to Level 3 + Beat Game, Upgrade Plasma Striker to Level 3 + Beat Game, Upgrade Peacemaker to Level 3 + Beat Game, Upgrade Singularity Grenade to Level 3 + Beat Game, Upgrade Netherfiend to Level 3 + Beat Game, * - Preorder Bonus [At certain retailers], Defeat the Voltanoid with only the wrench, Use the Grav Tether to transport an enemy over a cliff then deactivate it to let them fall to their doom, Destroy all of the breakable glass windows, Destroy the two statues at the start of the jetpack segment in Weeblesnog City, Get through escaping the sewers without refueling, Defeat Neftin or the Prog Bot without taking any damage, Hoverboot off of every ramp in the Hagrow Swamp, Solution textuellePass under at least 15 of the arches using the jetpack, Destroy all of the glass bulbs hanging from the trees, Complete the Groovitron room in under 45 seconds, Don't get hit by any of the cars in the freeway, Defeat Mr. Where can I find both RYNO VII holo plans on Planet Thram? When you get to the next now you'll have to wait for a platform to come to you but you'll have to jump over each of the lasers as the first two aren't that hard to jump over but the third laser will be moving watch out. After the second door is open there'll be more crates that you can smash to gain more bolts for later on in the game as you make your way in there to find them sleeping. Then upon getting to the top it'll be time for another Netherverse Puzzle. Fly through the rings and defeat the Thugs! After you done that head back to the area where you started this section in but instead of heading straight across take a right to where you went in the first place upon getting there across the first gap where the Serathoids were as there was a path that went to the left of where they were. This document is copyrighted ©2015 Stephen "Warhawk" Harris.

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