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From marble crocodiles to monuments from outer space, it has a lot to bring out the child within you. Consequently, captive wildlife tourism is a significant industry in Australia with a total annual visitation rate of approximately eight million people in 2000. As per one opinion wildlife must be set apart from tourism, so as to protect the endangered species. 2.1 Issues to address when considering risks to the sustainability of wildlife tourism 17 2.2 Environmental impacts of tourists 19 2.3 Social and cultural impacts of tourism 19 2.4 Human–wildlife conflicts 20 2.5 Positive effects of wildlife tourism 21 2.6 Impact assessment of wildlife tourism 22 TABLE OF CONTENTS TABLE OF CONTENTS Wildlife Tourism has grown to unsustainable proportions in many parks in India and is causing diverse problems. 13.12 Government policies on wildlife and tourism are embodied in key policy documents and relevant legislation such as the National Conservation Strategy of 1990, the Tourism Policy of 1990, the Tourism On the other hand, a different school of thoughts promotes wildlife tourism as a means of conservation. Over 70% of visitors are Indian. Properly regulated and managed it can even be an asset to conservation. Madhya Pradesh triggers your curiosity, enthusiasm and sense of wonder. Love tourism? Wildlife tourism is growing at 15% annually in parks. We are looking for a PPT Wildlife Keeper to join our team, who can share their passion for Wildlife in this unique tourism experience in the heart of the city. Wildlife Tourism. The caging of the marine wildlife for tourism attraction, they said “is a representative of a bigger problem hounding our seas and marine ecosystem due to unsustainable tourism.” Yet, tourism cannot be wished away. Wildlife tourism is associated with significant practical contributions to conservation. (Visited 83 times, 1 visits today) Articles. Tourists visit to see nature, tigers and appreciate the scenic beauty of these parks. Indian wildlife tourism supports the second set of opinion. Like the two phases of a coin, wildlife tourism is also bejeweled with two perceptions. The majority of tourists are on their first visit, spend an average $600 on their visit and stay for less than a week. • Major driver towards consumptive tourism is the need to fund conservation as some areas are not suitable for non- consumptive due to challenges such as accessibility especially during the rain season . 5. The magnitude of benefits to wildlife … Wildlife tourism appears to have led to some small-scale shifts towards more conservation-oriented land-use and wildlife management practices outside of protected areas. 6. Wildlife and National Parks and the Department of Tourism has relocated to a new Ministry called Ministry of Environment, Wildlife and Tourism. wildlife production is based the benefits accruing to the land owner. Historic heritage, holy places, abundant natural beauty, exotic wildlife and vibrant craft, Madhya Pradesh has so much to enthrall you.

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