which swiss army knife do i have

The SwissChamp has 19 tools and packs 33 functions. All of our reviews are based on market research, expert input, or practical experience with most products we include. Also, the tool is compact enough to function as an EDC knife. The rescue tool comes with up to 12 convenient tools that you can use on a variety of projects or for survival when outdoors. Not a real SAK; a Chinese knock-off. New battery: Before inserting a new battery, always check its expiry date. My Swiss Army knife has some kind of carriage on the same side as the Victorinox symbol.. Open the corkscrew. "officer’s knife"). Even though it has various tools that you find on other types of Swiss Army knives, it has an extra serrated blade for effective and precise cutting. With Victorinox stamping on the blade and the Victorinox Emblem (Cross & Shield) on the scale, you own an Original Swiss Army Knife. Caring for the Knife Keep the tools dry. The size of the blade will determine its effectiveness in cutting and folding. The term or the declaration "stainless" means the object in question is made of high alloyed steel. Also, a serrated edge on the scissors ensures that they won’t go dull easily. The stamping on the large blade differs depending on when it was manufactured: Since 2005: VICTORINOX. Reply. It ditches the typical ABS scales for a silver Alox scale casing for maximum durability and sleek design. The other tools include a disc saw, an emergency glass breaker, and a carrying case that is quite convenient. Rangergrips come with an ergonomic handle with rubber inlays for improved grip. How you intend to use the Swiss Army knife will also determine which size blade is most appropriate. However, a lot of people still prefer the quality that Victorinox puts into the Swiss army knife. Fully insert the corkscrew into the cork and pull the cork vertically upwards and out of the bottle. The blade locks in place when opened for safe operation, and you will find it more comfortable to have the lock resting between the index and middle finger so that it doesn’t get in your way when cutting. A: To re-sharpen the knife, use a whetstone at an angle of 15 to 20 degrees. © document.write(new Date().getFullYear()) Acton Media Inc. All Rights Reserved. A: Over time, you may notice the blades and other tools on the Swiss Army knife may begin to stick together. Most tools on an SAK have multiple uses beyond the one they’re described as, limited pretty much by your imagination only. With Victorinox stamping on the blade and the Victorinox Emblem (Cross & Shield) on the scale, you own an Original Swiss Army Knife.The stamping on the large blade differs depending on when it was manufactured: Since 2014, for selected products:VICTORINOXSWISS MADEDELÉMONT. € 43,50 € 63,00. rich says. Most classic SDs come with a lifetime guarantee against workmanship or material defects. Recycling batteries: Never throw batteries into household rubbish. Yes they do! The knives are quite sturdy and easy to use in a variety of outdoor conditions. You can also use the reamer to force through holes in sturdier materials such as wood. Any help would be very appreciated! The tools include a Phillips screwdriver, serrated-edge scissors, wood saw, tweezers, and a 2.5-inch blade. It will come in handy for opening a can of food and also for performing light mechanic duties. I do not think that is a real “Swiss army knife”. The primary function of the tool is to attach to the belt loop, keychain or any other place such as your backpack for everyday carry convenience. It can handle anything from tightening a screw with its built-in screwdriver or slicing and cutting with scissors. The tools are made from stainless steel and housed in the signature red, polished, ABS plastic housing. The Swiss Army knife is a must have for any knife maniac, or a regular citizen. However, you will need to use the tip by using it at an angle.

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