ukulele bag diy

So, we've got two new instruments that are going to be carted around a lot and nobody likes to carry their instrument around in those cardboard boxes they come in! on Step 12. Outer fabric - needs to be tough enough to protect and it can't be stretchy. 9 years ago A range of ukulele hard cases and gig bags are available in abundance at Eagle Music Shop. I would favorite it but I keep getting an error. I can’t actually give you a pattern for the gig bag. well done. Nothing gets you more excited for warm weather than the intoxicating strums of the ukulele. You’ll want to pair each exterior piece with a lining piece, wrong sides together, with batting in between. (when you sew your bag together- you use around a 1/2" seam allowance) Ok.. my uke is 2 inches thick so I knew with seam allowance and putting my zipper in I needed to make my panel 3 1/4 inch thick (for the snug case) and 3 3/4 inch thick on the loose fitting case. Then measure the depth of your instrument. Well duh no one cares about jazz instruments haha jk ive been trying to get in my schools jazz band for ages.... Wow nice work, I made a similar bag for my friend recently for her ukulele but mine was only a single layer of fabric and the zip I had was so long it took up a whole side of the case. For the outside we had more of the thick cotton glued to the reflective material (they were roller blinds). Jan 2, 2017 - A Cardboard Ukulele Case: Why make your own ukulele case? Idk if id trust my les paul in it tho but it would be cool for taking an acoustic on a campout. Fold the paper in half to create a center line. If you are having a hard time getting the head to fully invert, you can stick a broom stick up gently persuade the corners to come out. If you are terrified of zippers, you could use velcro or buttons or holes with shoe laces. I found the easiest way to do this was to hold the end of the measuring tape on one part of the instrument outline and draw lines on either side of it at the thickness measure. After three years, I decided that my ukulele needed a proper bag. I signed up for a ukulele lesson this Saturday because I've had this in... Jan 7, 2018 - Hi there! I reckon if you are handy with the sewing machine and have the materials at hand, you could do it in a few hours. For the neck, and head (where the tuners are), measure the widest point and draw straight lines back to the body. Mark the handle placement with chalk or removable pen. This measurement is actually longer than we need this piece to be, but I’ve found that when easing a straight piece to a curved piece, it’s nice to have a little extra length (any extra will easily be trimmed later). From the center line, measure up the half gusset width and draw a line parallel to the center line. Bottom: Liner with instrument-touching side down. Then trim off the excess gusset. I added 3/4.” Even though I will be sewing at 1/2” seam allowance, I want a little bit of extra room to account for the batting once the bag is finished. Share it with us! Starting and stopping 1/2” from the edges, sew the gusset to the bottom of the bag to close the opening at the back. Pin and/or baste one side at a time, the main body piece to the long edges of the gusset. Then add seam allowance, which is drawn in purple in the photos (the outermost curved line). Don't worry if you have to re-pin part (or all). A few years ago I took up the ukulele and pretty much fell in love. For the bass, I put rings for two straps so you could carry it like a backpack. It would probably be wise to read all of this page before you started drawing. Pick out the brightest, boldest pattern you can find in order to really channel your inner islander. Pin in place. I will need to add a pocket on the inside to slide in my bow and resin, but I think I can handle that. Also, have the nylon zippers held well? Cut 1 of main pattern piece in lining fabric. Repeat for bottom outer-liner pair (3 & 4). She likes much brighter colors and designs than I do, which seems to fit with the overall sound and personality of a ukulele. This Splendid Spring Ukulele Bag is the perfect way to cradle your beloved instrument in the softness of a quilted DIY bag that you can make yourself. I decided to have my zipper start 3” from the bottom of the front, and end 6” from the bottom of the back. Also, more pins will make the sewing easier. Some people are afraid of zippers, others are afraid of "sewing in" zippers.

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