ucla college of letters and science acceptance rate

During the 2018-19 admissions cycle, UCLA had an acceptance rate of 12.4%. Skip to Main Content. 11 min read. UCLA is also a need-blind university, so financial status is not considered when reviewing applications for admission. Explore UCLA College of Letters and Science graduate programs, reviews, and statistics. Here are 10 things you should know first - from tough classes to low GPAs to crazy low admit rates. Log In Sign Up. -the UCLA college of letters and science (I'm trying to decide under which college I want to apply to UCLA for) thanks! For students applying to the class of 2022, out of 113,761 applicants, UCLA admitted 15,970. UCLA was number four on Forbes ’s list of America’s Best Value Colleges 2019 . Acceptance Rate . Grad School Search; Graduate Programs; $1,000 Graduate Survey Scholarship; College Search; Mega Menu. The university offers bachelor’s degrees through six colleges, namely, college of letters and science, Samueli School of Engineering, School of the arts and architecture, Herb Albert school of music, school of theatre film and television, and school of nursing. UCLA Tuition 2019. 2018 UCLA Admissions Statistics Class of 2022. Write a Review. 2 Answers. the Pierce Honors Transfer Program) you are given priority consideration for admission to the College of Letters and Sciences and also if you are not selected for admission to your first choice major, UCLA review your application for an alternate major. Back to University of California - Los Angeles Blogs 10 Things to Know: Computer Science Major at UCLA . Through the UCLA Transfer Alliance Program (TAP), Foothill College Honors Scholars are given guaranteed priority consideration for admission to the UCLA College of Letters and Sciences. The focus is on the student's performance in math/science courses; … UCLA’s acceptance rate in 2018 was 14%. UCLA’s acceptance rate in 2017 was 16.1%. Favorite Answer. Alethea Katherine. Niche Home. 1 decade ago. The School of Nursing takes 50 students every year. Graduate Schools Los Angeles Area. The University of California Los Angeles is organized into six undergraduate colleges, seven professional schools, and four professional health science schools. It became the Southern Branch of the University of California in 1919, making it the second-oldest undergraduate campus of the ten-campus University of California system. This means that for every 100 students who applied, 12 students were admitted, making UCLA's admissions process highly competitive. Relevance. The School of Engineering averages about 33% acceptance rate. Other tips for using this guide: Thinking about going into computer science at UCLA? Traditionally, Foothill students experience a 70-98% acceptance rate through this program (versus 14-20%) for all other transfer applicants. Is it the right graduate school for you? Advertisements … The average weighted GPA of admitted applicants was 4.31, the average unweighted GPA was 3.90; The average ACT score was 31; The average SAT score was 1370 Answer Save. 24 Jan 2018. 55% of UCLA undergraduates receive some form of financial aid and 45% receive grants and scholarships to cover their University of California system-wide tuition and fees. Anonymous.

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