scenario based questions in data structures

Different kinds of data structures are suited to different kinds of applications, and some are highly specialized to specific tasks. Fundamentals of Object Oriented Programming in Java. A directory of Objective Type Questions covering all the Computer Science subjects. ( Sort binary array in linear timeFind a duplicate element in a limited range arrayFind largest sub-array formed by consecutive integersFind maximum length sub-array having given sumFind maximum length sub-array having equal number of 0’s and 1’sSort an array containing 0’s, 1’s and 2’s(Dutch national flag problem)Inplace merge two sorted arraysMerge two arrays by satisfying given constraintsFind index of 0 to replaced to get maximum length sequence of continuous onesFind maximum product of two integers in an arrayShuffle a given array of elements (Fisher–Yates shuffle)Rearrange the array with alternate high and low elementsFind equilibrium index of an arrayFind majority element in an array (Boyer–Moore majority vote algorithm)Move all zeros present in the array to the endReplace each element of array with product of every other element without using / operatorFind Longest Bitonic Subarray in an arrayFind maximum difference between two elements in the array by satisfying given constraintsMaximum subarray problem (Kadane’s algorithm)Maximum Sum Circular SubarrayFind all distinct combinations of given lengthFind all distinct combinations of given length with repetition allowedFind maximum sequence of continuous 1’s formed by replacing at-most k zeroes by onesFind minimum sum subarray of given size kFind subarray having given sum in given array of integersFind the length of smallest subarray whose sum of elements is greater than the given numberFind largest number possible from set of given numbersFind the smallest window in array sorting which will make the entire array sortedFind maximum sum path involving elements of given arraysMaximum profit earned by buying and selling shares any number of timesTrapping Rain Water within given set of barsLongest Increasing SubsequenceFind maximum product subarray in a given arrayFind maximum sum of subsequence with no adjacent elementsFind minimum platforms needed in the station so to avoid any delay in arrival of any trainLength of longest continuous sequence with same sum in given binary arrays, Merging Overlapping IntervalsActivity Selection ProblemJob Sequencing Problem with DeadlinesIntroduction to Priority Queues using Binary HeapsMin Heap and Max Heap Implementation in C++Heap Sort (Out-of-place and In-place implementation in C++ and C)Check if given array represents min heap or notConvert Max Heap to Min Heap in linear timeFind K’th largest element in an arraySort a K-Sorted ArrayMerge M sorted lists of variable lengthFind K’th smallest element in an arrayFind smallest range with at-least one element from each of the given listsMerge M sorted lists each containing N elementsInsertion sort | Iterative & RecursiveSelection sort | Iterative & RecursiveBubble sort | Iterative & RecursiveMerge SortQuicksortIterative Implementation of QuicksortHybrid QuickSortExternal merge sortCustom Sort | Sort elements by their frequency and IndexCustom Sort | Sort elements of the array by order of elements defined by the second arrayInversion Count of an arraySegregate positive and negative integers in linear timeBinary SearchTernary Search vs Binary searchInterpolation searchExponential searchFind number of rotations in a circularly sorted arraySearch an element in a circular sorted arrayFind first or last occurrence of a given number in a sorted arrayCount occurrences of a number in a sorted array with duplicatesFind smallest missing element from a sorted arrayFind Floor and Ceil of a number in a sorted arraySearch in a nearly sorted array in O(logn) timeFind number of 1’s in a sorted binary arrayFind the peak element in an arrayMaximum Sum Subarray using Divide & ConquerFind Minimum and Maximum element in an array using minimum comparisonsMatrix Chain Multiplication0–1 Knapsack problemMaximize value of the expression A[s] — A[r] + A[q] — A[p] where s > r > q > pPartition problemSubset sum problemMinimum Sum Partition problemRod CuttingCoin change-making problem (unlimited supply of coins)Coin Change Problem — Find total number of ways to get the denomination of coinsLongest alternating subsequenceCombinations of words formed by replacing given numbers with corresponding English alphabetsDecode the given sequence to construct minimum number without repeated digitsAll combinations of elements satisfiying given constraints, Print all possible solutions to N Queens problemPrint all Possible Knight’s Tours in a chessboardMagnet PuzzleFind Shortest Path in MazeFind Longest Possible Route in a MatrixFind path from source to destination in a matrix that satisfies given constraintsFind total number of unique paths in a maze from source to destinationPrint All Hamiltonian Path present in a graphPrint all k-colorable configurations of the graph (Vertex coloring of graph)Find all Permutations of a given stringAll combinations of elements satisfiying given constraintsFind all binary strings that can be formed from given wildcard pattern, Bit Hacks — Part 1 (Basic)Bit Hacks — Part 2 (Playing with k’th bit)Bit Hacks — Part 3 (Playing with rightmost set bit of a number)Bit Hacks — Part 4 (Playing with letters of English alphabet)Bit Hacks — Part 5 (Find absolute value of an integer without branching)Bit Hacks — Part 6 (Random Problems)Brian Kernighan’s Algorithm to count set bits in an integerCompute parity of a number using lookup tableCount set bits using lookup tableFind the minimum or maximum of two integers without using branchingMultiply 16-bit integers using 8-bit multiplierRound up to the next highest power of 2Round up to the previous power of 2Swap individual bits at given position in an integerReverse Bits of a given Integer, Generate binary numbers between 1 to NEfficiently implement power function | Recursive and IterativeFind square of a number without using multiplication and division operator | 3 methodsGenerate power set of a given setHuffman Coding, Check if two given binary trees are identical or not | Iterative & RecursiveCalculate height of a binary tree | Iterative & RecursiveDelete given Binary Tree | Iterative & RecursiveInorder Tree Traversal | Iterative & RecursivePreorder Tree Traversal | Iterative & RecursivePostorder Tree Traversal | Iterative & RecursiveLevel Order Traversal of Binary TreeSpiral Order Traversal of Binary TreeReverse Level Order Traversal of Binary TreePrint all nodes of a given binary tree in specific orderPrint left view of binary treePrint Bottom View of Binary TreePrint Top View of Binary TreeFind next node in same level for given node in a binary treeCheck if given binary tree is complete binary tree or notDetermine if given two nodes are cousins of each otherPrint cousins of given node in a binary treeIn-place convert given binary tree to its sum treeCheck if given binary tree is a sum tree or notCombinations of words formed by replacing given numbers with corresponding English alphabetsDetermine if given binary tree is a subtree of another binary tree or notFind diameter of a binary treeCheck if given binary Tree has symmetric structure or notConvert binary tree to its mirrorCheck if binary tree can be converted to another by doing any no. Interviewer can judge your 50% of technical knowledge by looking at your answers for these questions. and all the bank exams. How to convert lambda expression to method reference in Java 8? 5. How to Compare two String in Java - String Compari... How to format Date in SQL Server and Sybase Example. One can read Part 2 Here. ... An example of a dictionary-based … You can use Next Quiz button to check new set of questions in the quiz.

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