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In addition to what’s already mentioned, the NT1-A includes a dust cover for better storage and to keep out the dust that can pack in your microphones capsule, deadening your sound over time. sound quality of the NT1-A wins hands down. Die Kapsel ist dann mit hochwertiger Elektronik verbunden, die so konzipiert wurde, dass sie den niedrigsten Geräuschpegel aller verfügbaren Studiomikrofone bietet. Le micro à condensateur cardioïde RØDE NT1-A avec capsule de 1” est devenu un véritable standard: sa chaleur, sa plage dynamique, sa clarté et sa résistance à des niveaux de pression acoustique élevés ne se retrouvent que sur quelques micros comptant parmi les plus chers du marché. The microphone’s cardioid polar pattern spreads very evenly throughout all frequencies, making an exceptionally flat recording when addressed straight on. It’s voiced with less emphasis all-round, which makes it a great all-purpose mic. I immediately had one of those “This mic costs how much?” moments. © 2020 RØDE Microphones. Overall the NT1 reminds me a slight bit of classic mics from the past—not that it’s trying to be “vintage”, but rather that it lacks the high-end profile of many mics that we have come to equate with the “modern condenser sound.”. This is an uncannily quiet microphone! I will definitely continue with such a rewarding company. The sound is celestial to say the LEAST! This is a great multi-purpose mic for any engineer. I use it to record hip-hop and techno vocals. This mic will get the job done. 3-different mic's, i can now say my search is FINALLY over! Although the body of the new NT1 closely resembles the NT1-A, the microphone has been completely redesigned from the ground up, with the only shared component being the mesh grille. When you wrap the fact you get a completely professional-level shockmount and pop filter thrown in, which is nothing to be sniffed at, the value just keeps getting better. In practice this means you can throw away any need to close mic quiet sources just because of self noise considerations. Chaque couple appairé est fourni avec un certificat signé et daté, indiquant les deux numéros de série. It gives me a clear, crisp, warm sound that I It brings clarity to the mid-range, helping vocals sit with confidence at the front of the mix, while the top end exudes a hint of air but stops well short of sounding gritty or harsh. Die Konstrukteure von RØDE näherten sich dem NT1 als eine Verbindung von Innovation und Tradition, beginnend mit der völlig neu entwickelten Kapsel. This includes personalizing content and advertising. I have yet to find an application where these mics didn't sound good. hearing the quality of sound he was producing with the NT1-A. The included pop shield and XLR cable make it an even better deal. Der NT1 wurde in Australien entwickelt und hergestellt und unterliegt der branchenführenden 10-Jahres-Garantie von RØDE. Wenn Sie Fragen oder ein Problem mit dem NT1 haben, springen Sie zu unserer Kontaktseite, um die Adresse des für Sie zuständigen Vertriebs ausfindig zu machen, 20cm breite Schiene für die Stereo-Mikrofonierung, Schauen Sie sich unsere NT1 Video-Playlist an, We use cookies to understand how you use our site and to improve your experience. If you don't like hiss building up in your recordings, courtesy of noisy mics and preamps, have a listen to the NT1-A - you won't hear a thing. Les numéros de série sont gravés à la fin de l’usinage du corps du micro, avant l’assemblage des composants électroniques et bien avant le voicing et le contrôle de qualité. Now you receive a shock-mount, a studio grade popshield, a dust cover to be used when in storage or when being unused in its shockmount and also a six metre XLR cable. I rarely write reviews but I had Le RØDE NT1-A est un micro à condensateur cardioïde avec une grande membrane de 1”. In fact the Sam Bayer record I recently produced and engineer was recorded almost exclusively with RØDE mics. I now use it for most recordings and highly recommend it to my recording customers. What's going on with the sound of the new NT1? 1”-Kondensatormikrofon mit Nierencharakteristik, Elastische Halterung mit entfernbarem Poppschutz. I want to emphasise that ambient room noise is all you will hear, even at high mic gains; not even a whisper of self noise from the NT1. Idéal pour le chant, il est également parfait pour l’enregistrement de guitares et de percussion. This includes personalizing content and advertising. So I put off buying this mic for a while having been seduced by Neumann, AKG, etc. Also, the added videos on your site are wonderful as well. Amy Winehouse recording Valerie in studio, Nobody's Perfect (Jessie J Cover) - By Alexa Goddard, Turn My Swag On (Keri Hilson/Soulja Boy/Cher Lloyd Remix Cover) - Alexa Goddard, Passion-Can't Help But Wait/So Sick (Youtube Exclusive), RØDE University - Studio Sound Effects Recording, RØDE University - Recording Guitars with the RØDE NT1-A, RØDE University - Recording Vocals with the RØDE NT1-A, Your Love Is Everything - Jesus Culture (Jayesslee cover), Lire l’article complet:, Lire l’article complet:, Lire l’article complet: It even beats the ever so popular and overly Powered by phantom power, this microphone features an internal shock mount so you don't have to cringe every single time you accidentally let it slip from your hands - by now you're probably familiar with RØDE's superb build quality. But this is no slavish emulation, Rode has managed to capture that essence of a real workhorse with the NT1. I purchased this mic about a month ago after reading review after review Should anything happen to your microphone, RØDE guarantees its microphone’s continued quality with a 10 year warranty. I've been using the NT1-A for many years in many different applications and I now consider it to be an essential part of any mic box that I use. JFET impedance converter with bipolar output buffer, 137dB (@1kHz, 1% de distorsion harmonique sous 1kΩ), 13.7dBu (@1kHz, 1% de distorsion harmonique sous 1kΩ) (@ 1kHz, 1% THD into 1KΩ load), -31.9dB re 1 Volt/Pascal (25.00mV @ 94 dB SPL) +/- 2 dB @ 1kHz, Niveau de bruit équivalent (pondération A), 1 an avec extension gratuite de la garantie à 10 ans après enregistrement, Grande capsule de 1” avec membrane plaquée or, Bruit propre ultra faible de 5dB (A) à peine, Véritable condensateur (polarisation externe), Livré avec suspension RØDE SM6, filtre anti-pop et protection anti-poussière.

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