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There is little doubt that rival temple Enraku-ji played some hand in the denial. 鉄 (te; iron) +鼠 (sso; rat). Reblogged this on Rattiesforeverworldpresscom. I AM NOT TYPING LIKE THIS TO YELL, I HAVE EYE ISSUES AND NEED TO TYPE IN CAPS TO SEE THE LETTERS BETTER, PLEASE DO NOT BE OFFENDED OR MISTAKE THIS AS YELLING, SO PLEASE I BEG OF YOU, DO NOT DELETE THIS COMMENT, I DO NOT WISH TO BOTH/TROLL OTHERS, I REALLY, REALLY NEED HELP WITH SOMETHING! Even though they were both of the Tendai sect of Buddhism, Miidera and Enraku-ji has split into different factions after the death of their founder. I’d rather just forget it.” As to older legends from the Edo period, one can only speculate. I know a person, for instance, whose mother swears she saw Kuchisake-onna. Apr 08, 2013 @ 21:08:23, nicely done…………..an informative, educational and fun read. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Accepting the offer, Raigo threw himself into meditation and prayer and magic. The 48-volume Genpei Seisuiki version has Raigo attacking Enraku-ji with his army of rats, and in the 14th century historical epic Taiheiki (太平記; Record of the Great Peace) Raigo is described as having a body of stone and claws and teeth of iron. One province claims Jesus didn’t die on the Cross, he died in Japan after marrying a Japanese woman and baring children. I’ll buy that book soon or later, and I’ll post my impressions here for sure when that occurs! Take that for what you will. Previous Mizuki Shigeru’s Showa 1926-1939: A History of Japan Next Mizuki Shigeru’s French Fry Heaven, Michael H Lindsey The only person not involved in the affair was Prince Taruhito. A huge rat weighing over 26 kilograms was living in the temple’s main building, and had been terrorizing the priests for years. The Emperor had no choice but to break his promise to Raigo. Kyūso (旧鼠, Kyūso) is a creature from Japanese folklore. Hope we can read the translation someday, and better if you translate it! Records put the young Prince’s death in 1077, while Raigo himself died in 1084. :S Hiei has their own shrine—the Shrine of the Cat—that looks directly at Miidera. A tale from 15th century Dewa Province is recorded in Ehon hyakumonogatari. Like Relics in Catholic churches, a shrine or artifact connected to a popular legend can mean tasty tourist dollars and neither Buddhist temples nor Shinto shrines never let the facts get in the way of a good story. Shrine records show Raigo was the Abbot of Miidera, and at one time petitioned Emperor Shirakawa for funds to build an ordination platform—a petition that was denied. HOWEVER, IF IT ISN’T THE STORY THAT I’M LOOKING FOR, AND THERE’S ANOTHER ONE THAT COULD HELP ME, THEN PLEASE, FEEL FREE TO TELL ME ABOUT IT. ^_^. Apr 08, 2013 @ 21:05:48. ( Log Out /  Raigo used black magic to ensure he was reborn after death as a dread yokai. Subscribe for Free! This is one I’ve not heard of before! BUT I NEED MORE DETAIL, THE REASON BEING FOR “RESEARCH” SO I KNOW WHETHER I AM “DOING HIM JUSTICE” SO TO SAY AND NOT MAKING A SOMEWHAT “OUT OF CHARACTER” VERSION OF HIM. Kitaro’s adventures typically involve … HELLO…I AM WRITING MY OWN STORY ABOUT RAIGO/TESSO AND ALTHOUGH I AM FULLY AWARE OF THE LEGEND, AND HAVE READ SOME TRANSLATED THINGS THAT GIVE A (VERY SMALL) BIT OF MORE INFO ON HIS PERSONALITY, I AM LOOKING FOR A MORE DETAILED STORY, (AND HONESTLY AS I KIND OF MENTIONED BEFORE, I NEED SOMETHING THAT ISN’T JUST A FEW SUPPOSED “QUOTES” FROM HIM AND/OR ONE PAGE DESCRIBING HIS LEGEND). In modern times … well … the monks at the Temples act like the story is 100% real. Just enter your email address, click I Love Kaidan and start getting translated Kaidan by mail! Post was not sent - check your email addresses! It is only fair that at least one rat gets to appear as well. This contradicts the facts of the legend. in From Mizuki Shigeru, Magical Animal Stories, Yōkai Stories In Nagoya in the 1750’s, a family was perplexed as to why their lamps were extinguishing themselves every night. In one scene, Nekoma finds Yoshitaka and is about to kill him when a massive rat leaps to Yoshitaka’s defense. Especially one that attracted tourists. BUT FIRST…FOR THOSE WHO DO NOT KNOW, I AM NOT TYPING LIKE THIS TO YELL, I HAVE EYE ISSUES SO I TYPE LIKE THIS TO SEE BETTER, THANK YOU. I still plan to do Hashihime, and then I will be doing a series of yokai that appear in my translation of Mizuki Shigeru’s “Showa: A History of Japan.” Most of those are pretty familiar, but I find that there is always more to be discovered about them. Mizuki Shigeru did a comic version of it as well, that I hope gets an English translation some day. As a Paranormal Researcher and Occultist I believe the legends are one and the same. What’s the Difference Between Yurei and Yokai? There are a couple of supposed shrines to Raigo, each claiming to be THE shrine that ended Raigo’s scroll-devouring revenge. I’ve never read “The Great Yokai Encyclopaedia,” so I can’t really comment on it. Mark Schumacher In truth, probably both of these Shrines of the Rat were re-dedicated to suit interests in the story. That is the story of the Emperor Shirakawa, his son Prince Taruhito, and the Abbot of Miidera temple Raigo—better known as Tesso, the Iron Rat; or more simply as Raigo the Rat. As rats breed fast, this symbol represents “prosperity of descendants” and “social success”. The rat is the first symbol in the Japanese zodiac. Mignola liked the illustration of Tesso, and I am only too happy to give him the story behind the image. So it is no wonder that a double-punch of an angry spirit and a scroll-eating rat was a natural mixture for Kaidan. What Raigo had given, Raigo had taken away. •. Apr 08, 2013 @ 21:52:28. For example, a collection of Tanka poems from Otsu city, Shiga prefecture called Kyoka Hyakumonogatari (狂歌百物語; A Hundred Stories of Satirical Poems) featured the poem Raigo of Miidera and retold the story from the Heike Monogatari.

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