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Have been running with a billy. 6 months old. Has for sale a small selection of exceptional billy kids. Ideally both to the same house however happy to re home separately however they both... A couple of goats Plenty of land To graze on. We are looking to ideally loan out for stud our three year old Guernsey Goat Eric. “I had been looking for something like this for quite awhile,” he said. The angora goat is an ancient breed, with records of the use of goat … Hardy feral goats from Australia were crossed with gentle Spanish meat goats living in the American southwest. twin wethers for sale ,nearly 4month old ,very loving & tame ,they love a fuss ,they will follow you about all day .you need a cph number,Blackpool please contact £90 each or both for £150. Lovely pure breed Guernsey billy goat for stud or sale in Carmarthen. castrated male goat, friendly , for more information call or email me. Four Beautiful Baby Male Pygmy Goats for Sale ranging in Age from Eleven to Thirteen Weeks Old. two 2 year old and 2 at 6 months old. All breeds and genders of goats wanted all ages young or old entire castrated or nannies taken .collection not a problem, 2 nannies Pygmy cross not sure with what. Selection of British Meat Goat buck kids. So, I went and got them.” Traveling to Massachusetts to get some rare goats … From next week he will be weaned and will be looking to go to a pet or companion home where he will have other goaty friends. View any time with no obligation. The males generally weigh … He is a lovely sturdy boy very friendly and a wonderful father. Not for slaughter. Both easy to handle, good on the lead, and tether every day on the fields, follow bucket with food easily. This criteria varies for each type of animal. Sad sale need them to find a forever home. Some hand reared very friendly. £75 ONO, Young Billy goats from virile father require good home. As pet lovers ourselves, we want the highest standards of welfare for the animals we help to rehome. . Can be seen with both their Parents. A few years ago I located some on farms in Massachusetts that were for sale. £200 each or £225 with registration and... Amazing pet goaty boys who need a new home due to no fault of their own. Sisters. Any questions, please ask, Out of our Pygmy mom goat - These gorgeous pair are sisters. From £250.00, Sannan x golden Guernsey wethers,or a nanny and a kid bred the same way. Must have cph number. The Mountain goat belongs to a category of animals called ‘goat antelopes’. Top Australian and Canadian bloodlines. Mountain Goats wool is considered to be one of the warmest. X... A beautiful cock that is a Wyandotte (a breed of chicken) is 24 weeks old or 4 months. All eating independently of their Mothers. read more about us. Bagot goats are classified as 'Vulnerable' by the Rare Breed Survival Trust which means there are now an estimated 200 - 300 breeding females in United Kingdom, a figure that has increased slightly due to conservation methods like ours. I have 3 goats 1 carstrated male and dehorned and I have 2 females dehorned all of them are 1 year old looking for for them to go to a lovely home. This advert is located in and around Whitchurch, Shropshire. We are selling our cute male goat due to unforseen circumtances. Our Rare & Native Goat Breeds. £95 each. British Goats... Boer Goats Fantastic Pets Gentle and well handled. We would like to see fainting goats … £150 each. 15 month old Billy goat for sale. Any questions please ask. © Copyright 2020 Freeads Classifieds Limited. Adult Goats for Sale. The breed is strong but fine-boned and generally smaller and less wedge-shaped than other breeds. From father who regularly sired twins. Wormed/Vaccinated We have a selection of young males from 8 months - 1.5 years. The kid can come of anytime now. So today a little…, Sad news today to read that Sir Sean Connery has left our world...but surely not our memories! He's a lovely friendly chap who is very inquisitive. Any questions, please ask, Four Beautiful Baby Male Pygmy Goats for Sale Hawarden Area. Well grow. Ideal for those that own just a small number of female goats. Good price to a good home. We salute you Sir.…. Non castrated and born this year. They are animals of sheep and goat family, but they are endowed with antelope-like characteristics. Critical - less than 100 breeding nannies left Endangered - 100 to 200 breeding nannies left Vulnerable - 200. Fainting goats are considered a rare species by the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy and currently on their "watch list". For sale at "Mate then Meat" price. Nigerian Dwarf Goats are originally from West Africa and have become very popular as family pets, hobby farm milking goats, and show goats. Maximus is a 13 week old Anglo Nubian wether from CAE negative herd. Baggot nanny with a nanny kid for sale. Disbudded, wormed and vaccinated. We have four rare and native breeds of goats including Bagot goats, Angora goats, Golden Guernsey goats and British Primitive goats. He's very friendly. Angora Goats. Perthshire, Scotland, UK  richard@rarebreedgoats.co.uk, Dedicated to the protection & conservation of rare and native goat breeds. Out of Saanen goat with Boer billy Born last year. Boer cross saanen Nannie goats. Must have cph number. New Cl A ssifie d £275 ONO For Sale Pair of Nannie goats. Years of selective breeding resulted in American Cashmere Goats, a uniquely sturdy, friendly, and productive line that is rare and hard to find in the U.S. Very tame and lovely pets easy to manage and love to be groomed. Come to the bucket. 5 months old will sell separately. “I spent a lot of time on the internet and made a bunch of phone calls. Coming 2 years and ready for the billy. The angora goat is an ancient breed, with records of the use of goat hair for clothing found as early as the 14th century BC. She has been running with a boer billy goat. We are looking to loan him out for the rest of the breeding season (end of January) there would be no stud fee but you would... For sale female boer goats. Based in Worcester Sorry, not... Maximus is looking for a pet home with lots of love and cuddles. Goats for Sale. The coat is long or short, and acceptable in both forms by the breed society. From our herd of high quality, high health goats run for viable meat production. Amazing personalities who give an endless source of entertainment and will do anything for a digestive biscuit. Female boer goats for sale. Selli g due to his mate passing away, he's very lonely and needs to be with others goats with lots of space to graze. All 100% pure boer Most have show markings .Great for started herd or additions to your herd . You have already created alerts for Goats, We give a % of our income plus FREE advertising to our chosen charities. Find Goats for sale, for rehoming and for adoption from reputable breeders or connect for free with eager buyers UK at Freeads.co.uk, the pet classifieds. Would ideally like them to go together No need to own a male year round. will make good breeding The British Primitive Goat encompasses what has previously been known as known as the Old English/Scottish/Welsh/Irish, British Landrace or Old British Goat. I think one may be in kid. Pictures of the Babies together with Dad and Mum's are also featured on our website. From Pygmy (mom) and Boer (dad) stock. The Rare Breed Survival Trust has five criteria for rare breed Goats, based upon how many registered breeding females (called nannies) are left. Must go together. Nigerian Dwarf Goats Click Here to view Nigerian Dwarf Breeders. Pure Small baggot Nanny with pure nanny at foot. Hes so friendly, loves cuddles. STRONG and healthy with good temperament. As like many of you we have had a wee bit of rain, good as it may be in areas, not so in others. Really friendly as I brought them from long down. Anything considered, British Meat Goats Buck kids (boer origin). We have four rare and native breeds of goats including Bagot goats, Angora goats, Golden Guernsey goats and British Primitive goats. Loving and great company for humans, ponies or other outdoor animals. Wanted Billy goat,under 3 years old any breed considered reasonably priced and able to deliver. Contact Us. I am looking for a good home for 4 year old female and daughter (born May 2020). Come to the bucket. We are a traditional farm that is dedicated to the conservation and protection of British Rare & Native Goat Breeds. Born last year.

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