quick shine ruined my floor

Q:  I applied the Quick Shine® Floor Finish to my floor and now, it looks streaky and cloudy. Quick Shine Deep Cleaner was specifically formulated to remove layers of our Finish so we are confident it will work properly. As a result, I contemplated un-retiring and starting my own flooring cleaning business. November 1…..I faked my husband to clean our new vinyl plank floor and he accidentally used Quick Shjnex. However, months later, spots/stains began to appear which could not be removed with laminate cleaners. You need to use the cleaner in hot water and apply this to your floors. I used the Quick Shine finish on laminate floors and was initially pleased with the shine it left. Dry dust often to minimize dust and debris that can lead to surface … The deep cleaner is used to remove the quick shine off your floors. And he only “cleaned” the area we walk on and the dog drools on. £6.99. The cost, about $8 for the Deep Cleaner and Quick Shine products vs.$3,000 from the cleaning company. I called Holloway House ans was instructed to buy their deep cleaning product and follow the simple directions of pouring it into a bucket of hot water and then spreading this mixture on our floor. For additional assistance please contact customer service at 800-255-1891. This method also works for customers who might have any over-splash on the bottom of their walls or appliances when applying the Floor Finish or Hardwood Luster on their floors. You should be able to see if the residue is off of the floor. I tried numerous products and spent 10s of hours trying to remove the polish.It leaves a white waxy film on your floors. Holloway House is a family company and we are always here to help! This product was specifically formulated to safely remove our Finish from any hard floor surface without damaging the polyurethane or factory finish. Not allowing sufficient time before applying subsequent coats; 5.) A:  Anytime you accidentally get any drops of our Floor Finish or Hardwood Floor Luster on your table or counter, even after it’s dried, you can use Windex or Formula 409 to remove it. In fact, our home cleaning company has applied Quick shine to these floors every week for at leas 8 months and the floor retained its glossy finish throughout this entire period. You can safely remove Quick Shine from your floors with Quick Shine Deep Cleaner. Once every 2 or 3 months, would be a snap even for you and I. A:  Streaking is usually caused by a few issues: 1.) Some comes up in small strips, most comes up in bits. Add your voice! You may have to add more solution if … At this point I'm wondering if my only hope is sanding them down and re-staining them. If you still have a few areas that have this build up on them, you'll need to do it again. You can safely remove Quick Shine from your floors with Quick Shine Deep Cleaner. There was residue on the floor before the Floor Finish was applied. We recommend waiting a few hours before placing furniture back on the floors. Please advise. For more information, please contact customer service at 800-255-1891. Pour éliminer en toute sécurité la brillance compromise de vos planchers, nous recommandons le nettoyant en profondeur Quick Shine ou 1 tasse d’ammoniac avec 1/2 gallon d’eau CHAUDE et appliquer la solution sur une zone de 5 pi. A few minutes later it began to dissolve and all I did was to use my small rollaround vacuum to suck up the liquid off of the floor. The first quick shine that is supposed to shine your floor would look like fog on your floors, which you won't be able to fix unless you would buy this product, which might fix the fog but will defiantly destroy your floors. © 2020 Holloway House. The safest way to remove our Finish from your vinyl plank floors is with Quick Shine Deep Cleaner. The deep cleaner is used to remove the quick shine off your floors. Q:  I used the Floor Cleaner on my floors, but they are not shiny. Quick Shine® Floor Care products are fantastic tools to revive and keep your floors looking new again! What did I do wrong? So today we are covering some common questions asked by our consumers. You can see spots where the solution is gone and patches where it remains. HG Laminate Gloss Cleaner 1L – a freshly scented laminate cleaner which gives laminate flooring a glossy shine 4.3 out of 5 stars 738. Finish with a clean water rinse to bring your floors back to their original condition. They looked great at first. Get product updates, promos and tips right to your inbox! Simply apply the Deep Cleaner and let sit for 2-3 minutes, then mop away the solution. A:  This is a common misconception. So I checked under the chair and sure enough, no shine and big glaring demarcation!!!! How can she remove it quick? After letting the Deep Cleaner sit for 2-3 minutes, mop away the solution. Doubt its that easy..anything that shines floors that well will cause a build up..use water and Norwex microfiber mops...work wonderfully..so awesome! This product was formulated to remove our Finish without affecting the original factory finish. You'd need to mix it with 3 gallons of water and scrub, which will again destroy your floors. …….Do I’ve decided to turn to you at Quick Shine! A:  Routine cleaning using our Quick Shine® Multi-Surface Floor Cleaner via our Multi-Surface Spray Mop and microfiber pad is the best process. Deux semaines après j’ai voulu le rafraîchir de nouveau en mettant une autre couche, malheureusement c’est la catastrophe, j’ai des plaques mats et des spots un peux partout. My son decided to surprise me while I was out of town and applied 5 coats of Quick Shine to "restore them". Thanks! Cleaning and Preventing Streaks on Hardwood Floors. Finish with a clean water rinse to bring your floors back to their original condition. I'm not sure if you realize or not that Quick Shine has a deep cleaner. And, as time goes on, I notice in random areas, an area about the size of a dime will ‘pull up’ revealing my original white floor underneath. The bottle says Quick Shine® so can you help me understand what went wrong? I need way more then a cleaner; I need something to remove it without damaging my floor and my respiratory system. My dad was in the part owner of a very large worldy janitor service..he will tell you NEVER use these products..not on tile vinyl and especially not on wood floors!! Fortville, Indiana 46040. It is also crucial that you lift instead of scoot to avoid leaving scuffing behind. £13.99. You should be able to see if the residue is off of the floor.

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