peanut butter banana omelette

Look at that melty banana and peanut butter goodness. This', Would you rather... Never would I thought of mixing pb&j with eggs! It’s like food p-rn! This morning I made a Peanut Butter Banana and Jelly Omelet. Once it’s cooked serve and Enjoy! Please note that affiliate links and sponsored posts may pop up from time to time. It’s always on for an hour when I get home from work in the wee hours of the morning. Required fields are marked *. Years Exp. I am actually- gasp! Mmmmmm. Will definitely have to try!! I’m interrupting the regularly scheduled Pancake Sunday breakfast for a fun new recipe. Pigs, yes. I'm Monica, the author of this all-things-food/fitness type blog. Trending All Your Life Wellbeing Nature Quizzes. Jordan – I am not a doctor or registered dietitian. Peanut Butter Banana Omelette AMAZING OMG Beat Your Enemies With Success. Have you met Zack? I spread  peanut butter, jelly and sliced bananas on the eggs. I’ve made something similar before (if you like them try adding cinnamon and nutmeg and or vanilla to the eggs, yum!!) Want to run faster? ( Log Out /  lol. This applies to so, Run Faster – How to Use the RPE Chart for Runners, My Favorite Affordable & Flattering Leggings Right Now. girl, you are genuis! wrong. Seriously. I will have to try this out! Eggs with PbJ and Bananas. Peanut Butter and Jelly Omelet | Run Eat Repeat is an impressive share. Looks amazing. Although, I don’t even like pigs in a blanket. lol. ( Log Out /  Something about pb & j with eggs just seems… off. Interesting concept! Although, I definitely don’t have the flip down! What's more challenging - Running 12 miles OR Roll, Do you use RPE on your runs? Blankets, yes. 20 to 30 minutes before you are going to cook the omelets, spread peanut butter on the wax paper about 1/4-inch thick making 2 to 3 inch patties (1 for each omelet). Brogan. I always mess mine up and turn them into scramble eggs . with nut butter in the middle. I love triple D!Guy is hilarious. I've run +50 half & +30 full marathons and... More » about About, Disclaimer: Please speak with a medical professional before making any changes to your diet or exercise. I missed that episode of DDD! Being the early-ish riser I had the time to fix myself my staple breakfast dish, and enjoy every last bit all while. You can make a straight up PB&J omelet, but the banana took this to another level. Your email address will not be published. Hello and Happy Sunday! a dash of cinnamon. Run an ultra marathon solo, It doesn't happen by accident. That is such a great idea for an omelet! Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Perseo. There’s was nothing like waking up to 82 degree weather and sitting on the patio watching the love bugs do what they do…make more love bugs! Cooked banana really is one of the best things ever. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. I have that same little white bowl that your graham crackers are in! I'm a dietetics undergrad studying to become a REGISTERED DIETITIAN---not a "nutritionist". It started out like a typical omelet recipe except I added vanilla extract, a dash of stevia and salt to the eggs. Or do you craaave salty?! ( Log Out /  Your email address will not be published. Change ). Serve up your delicious banana omelette as it is or with your favourite toppings; Here are a few ideas to get you started: Cream Cheese and Walnuts Smother your omelette in peanut butter Stuffed with strawberries (Raspberries are yummy too) 0 Shares Share on Facebook Tweet this. Slice up the half of the banana so you make little banana coins, placing them on one half of the omelette, and once you can easily lift up the egg, fold it in half and let the rest of the egg cook. Boy do I miss that Sunshine State! Many thanks for this writing. HOLY YUMMMM! The whole pb & egg and banana & egg thing is grossing me out. That looks delish!! not a fan of nut butters in general, but I do enjoy handfuls of salty almonds and cashews and sweet ones too , I love jelly with my eggs, but all my friends call me crazy! That looks delicious and helps on the protein factor instead of using bread. Your egg and pb&j with nanners combo looks great! Learn how your comment data is processed. One more thing –  Last night I had some tea and graham crackers. A beautiful bite with egg, banana, PB&J… I served my peanut butter, banana and jelly omelet with a Cinnamon Raisin bagel thin spread with butter and sprinkled with stevia and cinnamon. Then, fold over as usual. 2.In a non-stick skillet (or a pan lightly misted with cooking spray) add the egg/cinnamon mixture and cook it at a medium/high heat and let it sit till the edges are cooked but the top’s got some wiggle! can’t believe i just now discovered this recipe! Jun 2009. , Yummy! all natural peanut butter ( roasted peanuts was the only ingredient …that’s how i prefer my nut butter!) 1,121. And i’m not just talking baked goods here! When the eggs are set, place banana, jelly and peanut butter on one side; fold other side over filling. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. ), 1.Combine the two egg whites and the whole egg in a bowl and mix in the cinnamon. Never thought to call in an omlette even though that’s what it is. There’s was nothing like waking up to 82 degree weather and sitting on the patio watching the love bugs do what they do…make more love bugs! 3. I am totally loving these new grahams! If you like this , you might like a Chocolate Omelette too! That omelet will haunt my dreams forever. Ben still made pancakes, so I stole a bite of that too. It wasn’t gross, but I think eggs are stuck at savory for me going forward. Here he is my knight in terri-cloth armor <3. I truly appreciate your support. Cooked banana is really one of the best things ever. I do egg whites because something about the yolk plus jelly grandad me out but it’s so tasty!! Love that show! S, Be honest - What's on your holiday wishlist AND ar, Thanksgiving is my favorite day of the year. You are a brave woman. I completely agree with you and your obsession with the show.

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