mxl r77 vs r144

0:47. So there's a new ribbon mic out from MXL, the R40 It looks the same as the R144, slightly different shade of paint. With a street price around $100, it is the least costly ribbon microphone we’ve seen to date. Comparison of MXL R150 vs MXL R144 Microphones. The Coles initially trounced the MXL when recording hand percussion and acoustic guitar, where it produced a good representation of the sound with no real need to EQ, though a little careful EQ tweaking of the R144 was again able to get the sound much closer to that of the Coles. This model was initially introduced as the “R44” during the summer of 2009, but by Summer NAMM it had already been renamed to avoid confusion with AEA’s rather more expensive R44C. It's touted as being "more durable" yet still recommending a pop filter and typical careful handling to avoid wind? MXL R144 Bidirectional Ribbon Microphone. MXL R144 Ribbon Microphone Audio Demo - Duration: 3 ... MXL R40 vs Shure SM57 - Laney LC15R amp - Duration: 0:47. anybody tried this yet or want to? I got lucky and got it at B&H Photo Video for $339! This is merely a preliminary post as I've only messed around with it for a short time last night. So I saved $60 which rocks. MXL R77 Ribbon Mic - … Compare the main Features, Specifications, Prices and Select the Best Model. Everywhere I look it's $399, even on B&H's website, but when I called I asked the price and he said $339. Picked up the MXL R77 ribbon mic last night. Marek Gliniecki 2,819 views. The R144 is a budget ribbon microphone. I can't find a graph for the R40 but someone said that the R40's manual has the same graph as the one published for the R144, which has a lower mid bump and a dip in the upper mids before the slightly wider presence peak.

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