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Press J to jump to the feed. "We removed, for example, artificial preservatives from our Chicken McNuggets and switched to real butter in our breakfast sandwiches because those changes matter to our guests.". As Kroc begged the muses of McDonald's to grant him dessert inspiration, a McDonald's restaurant owner in Tennessee decided to ask his mother. His hamburgers, cheeseburgers, and french fries, by all accounts, had been a wild success. The year is 1971. When fried apple pie went off the menu at McDonald's, we got a fried apple pie black market — sort of. The empanada is a little stingy on apples, but gets points for being only $1. During the Christmas season, McDonald's sometimes serves holiday pies at participating locations. McDonaldland was part of initially part of an advertising campaign to introduce youngsters to McDonald's menu items with the help of colorful cartoon characters. Arby's apple turnover: At 430 calories, Arby's apple turnover is the most caloric of all these pies. Pair it with a Hot Caramel Sundae for your own twist on Apple Pie A-La-Mode! Everything was chugging along fine for McDonald's hot apple pie until the early 90s. So, I bought an apple pie yesterday from McDonald's. The pie is spiced with cinnamon and actually includes more sugar than before: the old recipe had 13 grams of sugar, while the new one contains 16. These were anthropomorphic trees that would sway to the music, their eyes bulging and their mouth eternally twisted into an unsettling grin. What McDonald's does, competitor fast-food chains often follow. Well, off the topic, McDonald in Hong Kong can let the pie stay in the heater for a day. Even before it got its second healthy makeover, the McDonald's apple pie was vegan. The salesman worked with fast food restaurants across North America, and had a connection with the vendor that once supplied the fried pies to McDonald's (and still supplied them to Canadian locations). Roll and cut the dough: Roll each portion of dough into an 11-by-13-inch rectangle, using as much flour as needed to prevent sticking. As if things couldn't get bad enough for devotees of the original, unhealthy fried apple pie, McDonald's gave the pie another healthy makeover in the fall of 2018. A chef named Eric Greenspan stumbled into the McDonald's apple pie black market while at an unassuming food convention outside of Chicago. The pie has the appealing appearance of being cut from an actual pie, but is decidedly less portable because of it. Instead of a cinnamon an sugar coating, the pie is topped with a lattice design and sugar sprinkles. And you'll find animal-products in many of McDonald's competitors' versions of apple pies. Fans have taken to Twitter to protest the new apple pie recipes. Like the original apple pie, the cherry pie was fried, not baked. McDonald's Baked Apple Pie is loaded with 100% American-grown apples, with a lattice crust baked to perfection and topped with sprinkled sugar. In McDonald's locations around Malaysia and South Korea, you can chow down on corn pie, which features a sweet blend of corn and custard. Read on to learn the truth about McDonald's famous apple pies. By contrast, most classic apple pie recipes call for butter, egg, and lard. Some hypothesize the change from deep-frying to baked was intended to make the pie healthier. Before ball pits, there were towering plastic figures of Officer Big Mac, his mouth open to serve as a climb-in jail. It's persevered through countless makeovers — most notably, its fateful, much-protested transformation from fried to baked back in the '90s. "Where's the apple PIE?!! The hot apple pie is made with a lengthy (albeit shorter than it once was) animal product-free list of ingredients that includes apples, enriched flour, sugar, palm oil, cinnamon, and salt. Other siblings of the McDonald's apple pie that have come and gone and come again have included strawberry and creme, pineapple, and blueberry. Not so much. Because it sits in a very hot warmer. "McDonald's changed their apple pie crust & we should be rioting in the streets," tweeted one user. Then, on one earth-shaking day in 1992, McDonald's stopped deep-frying its apple pies and switched to baking.. The place is McDonaldland, a fictional universe where Ronald McDonald and his friends lived, laughed, and ate hamburgers. As the chef recounted in an interview with L.A. Magazine, a salesman overheard him say the magic words "McDonald's fried apple pie" and revealed to Greenspan that he could get the original fried pies sold at McDonald's. Now, however, McDonalds has pledged to use only fresh, home-grown apples. Popeye's cinnamon apple pie: Popeye's cinnamon apple pie sets itself apart by being super cinnamon-y.

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