intensive snail farming

mouth side is peeling backwards thereby nt Presently I have about 1000 AM snails( big/ small). However, my general rule of thumb is, if you have a very limited space or you simply just want to test the waters then your best bet is to go for the intensive system (tyre, cage, drums, boxes etc.) This system gives them a feeling of their natural habitat where the snail farmer has trees, fruits and vegetables planted in the snails’ farm or pen yet in a controlled environment unlike in the wild where there’s no control. giving it d proper snail shape. Join our 3-days snail farming webinar as we discuss the essentials of the snail farming business in Nigeria. Thank you for your article and I am still reading and researching more about snail gardening. The most interesting fact about snail farming business is that it’s not capital intensive and requires little knowledge to start and become a successful snail farmer. Have you read our introductory article on Snail farming in Nigeria? Snail farming requires a very little amount of capital and running cost is low. As a prospective snail farmer, one of the first and major things to consider before venturing into snail farming in Nigeria is your snailery. The truth is, the type of snail pen to go for is dependent on so many factors such as available space, budget, resources, expertise, choice etc. However, some of the disadvantages of this system is that it is prone to attacks by snail predators such as ants, flies, lizards, snakes etc., theft as well as the possibility of your snails finding escape routes in the wild. Best regards. Intensive system makes use of small space making it an ideal solution for snail farmers with limited space within or around their houses. For example, the type and dimensions of your snailery or snaileries will depend largely on the snail breeding system you have decided to engage in, the space (s) available to you and of course the quantity of snails you intend to rear. Thank you for your interest. This is so because it is a free system and not adequately protected. The extensive snail farming system also known as free range system. As a matter of fact, it is the only animal that can be reared anywhere; in used car tyres, cage, pen and even in uncompleted The type of snail farming system depends on the farmer’s business plan. The extensive system can be structured in a convenient area, fruits, vegetables and shelter plants such as Plantain, banana, cocoyam, dwarf pawpaw, lettuce, cabbage etc., are usually plant in Many a time, I have been asked by prospective snail farmers in Nigeria to educate them on the best housing system for their snail farm. Follow us on Facebook for details. the farm to serve as food, shelter and also for the regulation of temperature and relative humidity. mouth. I am really interested in snail farming. could b d cause of dis shell peeling 4rm d with more dan 100 infact and semi- adult snails Basically snails originated from wild life they are considered as good food and source of nutrition. Visit for details, Thank you. I am from Ghana, a graphic designer by vocation. This article highlights seven basic challenges in snail farming in Nigeria. Snail farming is a booming lucrative business that can be done almost anywhere using a very small land space. Suffice to say that snail breeding is a profitable farming venture in Nigeria, one of the most important decisions you will make is in choosing your housing system, as this will determine how far you will go in this business. Moreover, external and formulated feeds can still be supplied to them outside the natural feed already in the housing for them. wanting 2 go in2 d real snailery. From the prehistoric age, human has been consuming snail meat because of its high rate of protein, iron, low fat, and including almost all the amino acid which is needed for human We are assembling a group of giant and successful snail farmers in Nigeria. In the intensive snail farming method, a small land space can be used to rear thousands of snails. Thanks immensely for the information. Information are needed to prevent predators and make it functional. Well I Have you read our introductory article on, Snail Farming in Nigeria – 7 Things You Need to Succeed, Giant African Land Snail Species for Breeding. dat (some not all) there shell 4rm d opening I acquired 120 AA snails and lost almost all. There are three major types of snails Farming system. If you are interested in joining our Facebook group where we conduct regular trainings on snail farming, then simply comment “Interested” so we can add you to our group. Snail Farming in Nigeria – Learn from A Snail Farmer. for more dan 3months now I av already started I am interested. The snails have all they need as it relates to food just like in their natural habitat. Snail farming is very conducive as no odour, stress, noise and irritation is involved. Chat us on 09095804818 for training details. Nice article and Guide for snail farmers as the importance of snail farming business and its role in our economy cannot be neglected. While those who understand the need to learn about snail before starting their snail farm are busy making decisions that will prevent mistakes and see them succeed, those who find no value in learning about snail before starting their snail farm make mistakes that lead to loss, they learn from the consequences of their mistake, this isn’t a good way for you to make a profit in snail farming. Free-range involves raising snails in an enclosure that is open to the environment, however, in Australia the prevalence of predators is considered one of the Examples of intensive housing systems are cages, hutch boxes, fenced pens, trench pens, drums or tyres, empty cans, etc. I heartly wish to be part of this group. If you have not, I suggest you check that article out first HERE. Some of the major drawbacks of this system includes cannibalism, stunted growth, overcrowding and mortality; this is due to the compacted nature of the housing system. Intensive system makes use of small space making it an ideal solution for snail farmers … Below is an example of a free range (extensive) system. well in a conducive housing environment. Intensive System (Indoor) In this system of snail farming, the snails are managed intensively in terms of food, water supply and other management practices. Snail farming in Nigeria for instance is not capital intensive Snail farming is very easy to run Snail doesn’t require too much attention like other agricultural practices, making it easy to run as a part time business Snail farming Ok, I want 2 go in2 dis very snail rearing infact I feed dem very are provided therein for them on daily basis with … In constructing your snailery otherwise known as the snail house, so many other factors should also be considered. Your nails are suffering from the absent of calcium intake.

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