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A number of new issues will also become available among your choices of platform — now entering the mix for presidential candidates are Foreign Policy, Immigration, and National Security. Odds To Win 2024 U.S. Presidential Election Candidate Odds Kamala Harris +500 Mike Pence +800 Nikki Haley +800 Andrew Yang +1200 Joe Biden +1200 Pete Buttigieg +1400 Michelle Obama +1600 Bernie Sanders GSA recognises Biden’s win, allowing presidential transition to go ahead, as Trump continues to refuse to accept result Wed 25 Nov 2020 04.20 EST … First off, you’ll want to take a part-time job while attending university, avoiding extra-curricular activities and studying hard in order to keep your grades high. There will definitely be a lot of other scenarios that are specific to the world of education that you may encounter as part of your job. ET NOW's Consulting Editor Swaminathan Aiyar is confident that former Vice President Joe Biden will sweep the US elections by garnering 350 electoral college votes, far above the 270 votes required to win the presidential poll. share. Sort by. Log in or sign up to leave a comment log in sign up. We know how passionate and dedicated gamers are towards their obsession and we want to not only help those who are casually spending time but also those hardcore full-timers with unquestionable ambition. If you don’t get the chance, you can close the game and open it again. ), The Q&A scenarios during the election process are the same as they are for School Board Director, though this time, your opponents may now choose to play dirty and ask some below-the-belt questions. Supporters watch Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden speak next to his wife, Jill Biden, during election night at the Chase Center in Wilmington, Delaware. But maintaining a high Approval Rating is substantially tougher, of course, especially with nine different issues to tackle. Treating opponents with respect is the safest path to take, regardless of which position you’re running for, though you could potentially get bigger wins if you choose to disrespect them — it may or may not happen, and acting disrespectful could lead to a loss, but if you’re looking for bigger wins and a potentially higher starting Approval Rating, you might as well take this gamble. It's that time again: time for Americans to figure out how, exactly, their presidential election works. Any tips on how to win a presidential/prime minister election???? The Approval Ratings section can be found right in between Agenda and Rally, and this is arguably your ground zero as a School Board Director — this, too, applies for other political positions, though the setup for School Board Directors is noticeably simpler. Instead, presidential elections use the Electoral College. You will also see basic information such as their name, age, party, and platform, though Party obviously won’t be included for School Board Director just yet. Once elected, you will have the option to adjust your Agenda and choose how many hours to devote to the four aspects we mentioned above — for the meantime, we would recommend sticking to the well-balanced schedule the game recommends, which is 10 hours each for Economy, Education, Environment, and Social Issues. Whether you’re simply aiming to become School Board Director or aiming to become your country’s next president, we’ve got it all covered in this new BitLife guide, which covers every facet of the Politics Update, and all the tips you need to win any and all elections. Again, we must remind everyone checking out BitLife’s politics update that you can skip one position in your political career, but it’s better to go through two terms at each post before finally running for President/Prime Minister. Once elected as Mayor, most aspects of your job will work the same with a few add-ons — same yearly scenarios but with a citywide focus, same rallies but with the maximum investment being $52,000 per rally, same Agenda and Speech options but with the two additional issues, as well as Radio and Television appearances now available for Speech. In the example we provided, there are headlines talking about a “dying” music scene and a “glass ceiling” in the corporate world that prevents people from advancing up the ladder — this suggests people are perturbed about the economy, so you’ll want to focus your speeches on alleviating public fears about the economy, or devote more hours in your Agenda toward fixing the economy.

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