gel stain wood floor without sanding

But I have used the same stuff on my banister and bathroom cabinets…..and both are doing really well. Because my beams are already dark (black) do you think a Walnut colored stain would come out brownish? I have walnut colored laminate flooring. It is awesome to use on previously-stained wood, as it allows you to change the color of the wood and refinish it without stripping it to bare wood. Can you stain over stained wood? I have since painted them black, but I want to try this gel stain method. Because this post is about how to paint wood floors. For example, at my old house, I refinished my front door with gel stain , and in my new house, I’ve refinished stair railings, stair treads, and a … Yes you can!! Step 1: Lightly Hand Sand . Is there an easier way? Well, let me show you how to easily darken stain without stripping the table or any other piece of stain wood, this includes hardwood flooring as well. General Finishes Gel Stain – See at Amazon. How far it actually soaks in, I’m not sure. Today I’m sharing No Sanding! Fixing Blotchy Wood Stain With Sanding And Gel Stain Check the best Gel stain Can Fix Blotachy Stain=> Check on Amazon=> Even if you are very careful with your wood stain work, some problems are not in your hands to avoid. How to Refinish Wood with General Finishes Gel Stain plus video tutorial. And not even how to paint floors the super professional way. We show you how to make stain darker on wood without stripping or sanding. It’s completely up to you but the gel stain stays in place and doesn’t run anywhere while it affixes into the wood. (You could always try an inconspicuous spot and see how it holds up, before tackling the whole thing.) The before - light stairs before making stain darker on wood These are the stairs from the main floor to the basement of our house. Have you ever tried stripping and sanding an old piece of furniture so you could restain it? I am wondering what effect the dark painted beams will have on the gel stain’s appearance. Using a light grit sanding block, lightly hand sand the entire surface of the wood piece that you would like to darken. Step #4 Applying a Gel Stain. The wood is very rough and porous, so sanding/stripping was not an option. For the application of a gel stain… Nope. It’s soooo much work! Gel stain is a great option because it doesn’t need the heavy sanding that traditional stains call for. Then the stain will adhere better. One of them is blotching because of the type of wood you’re using. Basically, how I was able to refinish the top without actually sanding it back.The original top was worn but otherwise in pretty good condition and it didn’t have any shiny lacquer or shellac finish. It would be best to not sand it but rough it up with a screen, like what they use for sheetrock mud or use a scotchbrite pad on a buffer machine. While gel stain is much thicker than traditional stain, it doesn’t completely cover the natural beauty of the wood. The stain wont stick very well. I would try it in a corner of a room just to be safe. Wood enthusiasts, be advised to divert your attention elsewhere on the web right now. We are going to show you how to paint wood floors the lazy way, meaning how to paint wood floors without sanding. Ah, the Duncan Phyfe Dining Table is done! Also I have heard of gel stain that works without sanding but I have no experience with it.

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