desk too thin for monitor mount

I just upgraded and am loving the strength. Clamp stands are the most common, allowing you to get a full range of motion to adjust viewing angles on the fly. We can help you with desks, monitors, design, etc. Before you start browsing for a mount, make sure your screen is mountable in the first place or invest in an adapter for surefire mounting. hardware stores will cut it to size and you can screw a 2x4 to the back for extra support for that monitor mount. A 2x4 or ideal a long sturdy piece of medal should make a night a day difference. The mount and monitors is probably about 40lbs. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the AskBattlestations community. While mounts are relatively easy to use and install, not every display is actually capable of being mounted (or at least without a little help), but knowing how to tell if a monitor can be mounted can be confusing for the uninformed. This could be a simple as cutting a 2x4 to height and wedging it under your desk. These standards make it easier for manufacturers to deliver on consumers’ needs, allowing for general interchangeability between, The hole pattern at the back of the monitor, The size of the screws necessary to attach the mount to the monitor, The maximum weight that the mount will support, Along with specifications, it’s good to understand the different types of mounts available. The frame of my desk is too thin for the bottom of the mount to hold onto. A photo would help a lot. The Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) is the organization responsible for defining the standards involved with mounting computer monitors, TVs, and other flat panel displays using wall mounts or stands. Pay attention to the size and weight ratings for your selected mount to avoid potential damage to your monitor. First you might want to consider a new desk. For more help on mounting your monitor, check out our, step-by-step guide on how to mount a monitor, Brace it with a large board from home depot. That means you will have to use the custom stands and mounts provided directly by the first-party manufacturer. You can clamp it onto desks as thin as.4 inches or a thick as 2.4 inches, and it holds monitors up to an impressive 25 pounds. The second option would be to add (or if your desk already has it, supplement) a cross support under the desk between the back to legs. This pattern is measured horizontally and vertically usually with the holes drilled directly into the steel frame of the monitor. This gives you the advantage of clearing away desk space immediately beneath the monitor, without having to resort to a permanent or semi-permanent installation. - If the base is offset, with the monitor hanging off the left or the right, the monitor … Thanks for this answer. It can also accommodate LCD monitors up to 32 inches and includes an extendable and retractable arm. Other adapters essentially clamp onto your monitor so that you can avoid screwing anything directly into your monitor. This clamp stops just shy of clamping down on a 1" surface. To determine if your computer monitor complies with VESA standards, simply check the back. Here is some information to help you determine if your computer monitor can be mounted. Side-Clamp Desk Mounts: Maximum Desk Space and Flexibility. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I checked the wegiht and it was still under the weight limit, so I went with the option others mentioned of buying a board to put the mount on. Mounting computer monitors is becoming increasingly popular as it clears desk space and allows you to easily adjust your viewing experience for comfort, ergonomics, and efficiency. For more help on mounting your monitor, check out our step-by-step guide on how to mount a monitor. a more rigid wood/metal will support the weight of the monitors and spread it out across the surface of the ikea desk so that its less pressure on each individual pocket of the desk. Overall, I'm quite pleased as the stand is well made. Mount-It! The board will distribute the weight. Smaller, cheaper monitors, monitors that are curved, and monitors that are too thin usually have a hole pattern that is not compatible with VESA mounts. If it does comply, you should see the standard four-hole screw pattern in the back of your monitor. If really want to keep your current desk there are a few fixes I would suggest but it depends on the which desk you actual have. If your desk is a normal 4 legged desk you could try adding a 5th leg under where the monitor arm sits on the desk. I got a wood tabletop from ikea and kept my triple-arm monitor mount from Amazon (Mount-It! The problem is, the desk is so thin the mount leans forward a lot and started making an imprint in the desk. , or just want more versatility from your screen, a monitor mounting system could be for you.

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