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And are students spending too much time in the classroom? Poorer schools generally have less money to put towards equipment like computers, which could put their students at an educational disadvantage. Is college really feasible for the average person anymore? With class sizes growing each year - sometimes with 40 kids in a single teacher classroom - are students getting enough individual attention? But should P.E. the curriculum - what is it and how do we teach it. You don't need to know everything, as there are far too many issues to discuss at length in such a short space of time. 12 Issues Facing Education These issues are not ranked in order of importance. What lessons have school or teachers learned about developing courses that are successfully delivered online? How accurate are SATs results for primary schools? Vote (on these lists and also in real elections) to make your voice heard. Has inclusion been impacted by Brexit? Are we doing enough to combat bullying? It helps to get used to talking about issues in education with stakeholders, pupils, teachers, governors and parents. What are the risk factors involved in online learning? If you do this, you'll have more informed thoughts and opinions and a broader knowledge of the topics. Do all children have access to appropriate devices? Why you need to be aware of educational issues, How to find the latest issues in education, Discussing educational issues in your teaching interview, what it's like to be a secondary school teacher, Essential skills for secondary school teachers, What it's like to be a secondary school teacher. And how effectively is it addressed in the classroom? How can we better support pupils' mental health? Share 11 Tweet Send. The ongoing gun debate affects school safety. Below is a list of issues surrounding education in America. First-year EU students face £800 in fees if they move to UK in 2021. What's wrong with education programs today? The rising cost of higher education shows the increasing class divide in America. Recruiters are looking to see how much you're engaging with current issues and are aware of the challenges that these place on a school. Vote up the issues you find the most important and urgent. In your interview you may be asked to create a presentation on current issues in education or asked a question around current issues in schools and in the media. Relate your answers back to the classroom - start with, 'when I was in the classroom, I noticed…' or 'in the staffroom, I heard teachers talk about...'. List RulesVote up the education issues you care about most deeply. Your answers can reveal if you are genuinely interested in education, schools and the world of teaching. How important are arts and drama education in secondary schools? What are your views on all schools becoming academies? How much early years education should be provided for free? What are the risk factors involved in online learning? There may be a question around your subject or age range, such as 'What are the important developments in science education?' Many modern day factors play a role in the importance of physical education. Do some research to find studies or statistics to back up any ideas you have. be a standardized practice among all kids? Are classrooms teaching students about current issues surrounding civil rights? What are your views on the flipped classroom? On-campus safety issues? On any list of current issues in education, school funding ranks near the top. Why Working As A mechanic Is A Good Idea . Students with physicals disabilities require certain technologies to keep up with other classmates. Technology and education. Opponents say the program siphons money away from low-income schools, failing to address larger systemic problems. As you may be aware, the American public education system is composed of primary and secondary schools that are supported by taxes. Government funding for education. A well-informed populace is necessary to move humanity forward in terms of social progress, technology, medicine, and more. How does this impact citizenship education and exploring British values? We all have an investment in the future, and we all want children and young adults to receive the best educational opportunities possible. Law firm ‘inundated’ with calls from university students about fees. The research on how much longer school days improve learning is still unclear. What lessons have school or teachers learned about developing courses that are successfully delivered online? School Choice allows parents to send students to a school of their choosing rather than one in their district. What are the risks of children having open access to the internet? Image Source. Download a news app and get into the habit of checking the education section regularly. Shout Out UK Next Post. Others feel Charter Schools are a sign public education is becoming too privatized. While Congress works to pass legislation protecting the nation's students, some feel regulations are not strict enough. Which issues need to be tackled immediately? How has the new GCSE grading system impacted learning? Written by Rachel Swain, Editorial manager, On a scale where 1 is dislike and 5 is like. Aim to be knowledgeable in three areas, particularly those which relate to your curriculum area or age range. Do all children have access to appropriate devices? Examples of current educational issues. Should we be pushing for more SEL in the classroom? What issues have the potential to define—or redefine—education in the year ahead?Is there a next "big thing" that could shift the K-12 experience or conversation? Providing solid education - from Kindergarten to college - is obviously vital for the future. Several of the present issues of education are: 1. With the rising responsibility on campus to teach multiple subjects, what should wage increases look like for teachers nationwide?

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