how to smoke a whole wild hog

2. The whole rest of the way is just waiting for that gnarly connective tissue I mentioned at the top of this post to melt — and that takes time. 1) A happy medium is 225F, but don't go higher than 250F. There’s another reason: After about four to six hours, you will want to wrap your wild hog shoulder up in that foil to prevent it from drying out. Keep it around 200°F – 225°F. If you need help finding a good butcher, click the link. Put the meat in a covered container in the refrigerator for at least 1 hour and up to 3 days. Attach a smoke generator, however, and you can fix that. This will keep the hog from turning to dark and also trap all the juices inside so it will self baste. Start with a skinned whole ham from a young wild pig. Finally remove all four feet at the joints and discard. The fuel: You can burn charcoal and boost the smoke with wood chunks or wood chips (the latter soaked in water for at least 30 minutes, then drained). Second, the connective tissue within the shoulder itself will be much, much fiercer than it would be in a largely sedentary farmed pig. Electric saw for cutting the legs, head and ribs. By Hank Shaw on May 29, 2018, Updated October 29, 2020 - 16 Comments. You can do this in an oven, too. If you have lots of time, set it to 200F. When it comes time to pull your pork shoulder (I do it with two forks), have a little bacon fat or rendered lard or even butter lying around. It is perfect for skinless birds, geese, rabbits, squirrels, bone-in hams, or shoulders from deer or hogs. The goal is The meat, The methods, The flavors, The smoke. This will allow for the shoulders of the hog to lay flat. In a perfect world, you smoke at about 200°F. A little patience and time is all that is needed for an excellent smoked pig. The fat problem means you need to be careful not to let the wild pork dry out, and the connective tissue problem means you will likely need to wait a lot longer for your wild hog BBQ than you would with a Costco pork butt. Conventional wisdom instructs you to bring the meat to room temperature before cooking, but starting straight from a cooler temperature will give your meat more time to develop a smoke ring. So Im supposed to smoke a whole hog for a party on Saturday and my friend just informed me that the pig will be skinless. If you're not using a dry rub, either use black pepper or pat the meat dry. This Description May Contain Affiliate Links. I like a solid 24 hours. Glaze the hog using the Killer Hogs Whole Hog Glaze ingredients. So how do you get there? Smoke like this for at least 4 hours, and up to eight; I prefer about six hours. to let the glaze set. Then take them out of the foil and baste with bbq sauce for the last half hour. Smoke the hog from 6 to 12 hours, depending on its size. Doing this cuts the brining time by nearly a third. What you get when you’re finished is intensely porky pulled pork that doesn’t really need a BBQ sauce, although you can certainly use one if you want. But with wild hog BBQ that means you probably won’t be eating dinner for about 12 hours, especially if you employ this not-so-secret ‘cue tip: Set the meat in the barbecue cold, as in right out of the fridge. Once you have these four factors mastered you WILL produce a perfect product... mouth-watering bbq pork, brisket and chicken. Plan For Smoking A Whole Hog, **We don't sell your information or send you anything aside from emails from me - about BBQ. Mist hog with apple juice to give a nice shine then garnish and serve. Here at, our goal is to provide you with the secrets, the methods and the techniques you need to produce competition-quality BBQ. You can also smoke a 50-pounder on a Weber Ranch, a large pellet smoker, or an XXXL Big Green Egg or other jumbo-size kamado-style cooker. Many folks like 225°F as a happy medium. Your pit will need to be at a temp of 220 deg and you will need enough coal and wood to last through the duration of the cook - so plan accordingly. I've tryed cooking whole hog quarters … How to Wet Age a Brisket Cut the throat of the hog first to allow it to bleed out. Coating Your Hog. I cheat. Cook the hog for another 30 to 45min. Next continue cooking the hog without foil until shoulders reach 185deg internal temp and the hams 175. Wrapped rack with aluminum foil as well as the outer lip of the smoker, this helps with cleanup … This will allow your rub and smoke to penetrate into the meat while cooking. You can use it for a store-bought pork shoulder, but it won't need as long to cook. Smoked Wild Boar Recipe LOW COOKING TEMPERATURE. You start by salting your wild pork shoulder — it can be boneless or bone-in — and keeping it in the fridge for a few hours, a day, or even up to a few days. This pulled hog roast recipe is delicious by itself or on bun with some coleslaw. And we LOVE to keep up with and try the latest BBQ gadgets... so you can expect to get our reviews on that stuff. Get your smoker going. I am a chef, author, and yes, hunter, angler, gardener, forager and cook. To set a bark on the hog apply a light coat of dry rub over the meat, close the doors and continue cooking a Whole Hog for 10 minutes. The steps go a little farther than your typical backyard BBQer, but if you take the extra steps you WILL have better hog meat and better presentation. Set the meat in the tray and put it in the smoker. I plan on injecting. Trimming the Hog is the most important step. Why? My material hunt started w… Order your hog from your local butcher. There are too many options and variations on this method to describe them all here. You can also soak the wood in water if you like. wild pig ham, bone in. poke a hole in the top of the bag. Sprinkle salt all over the pork shoulder, getting it into every crevice. They turn out fairly decent if you brine/inject them and foil them after internal temps hit 130-40. Squeeze out as much air as possible from the bag and tie it. for four (4) hours. Below are two recipes; one is a classic wet brine to use for almost any type of wild game that you plan to braise, roast, or smoke. Once the shoulders internal temp has reached 170deg (and has probably been cooking for about 16 hours at this point) remove the foil and inject shoulders, loin, bacon and hams with injection #2. This cut should only be about 10" long. You get a better smoke ring, that pretty red ring around the edges of the meat. Shred the meat with a pair of forks, and mix in the bacon fat. I recommend ordering a hog that weighs between 140 to 165lbs. pink salt (Insta Cure No. Below the video you will find the 9 Step Whole Hog Procedure. How to season a Brisket, Cooking A Whole Hog The garlic and herb salt is a homemade rub that I frequently use for plucked gamebirds. You will probably need to give your butcher at least one week notice before picking up. Inject the shoulders, hams, loin and bacon with a minimum of 2 gallons of injection. Most BBQ gurus like a pork shoulder to actually hit 200°F internally. is written by and run by Malcom Reed (with the help of his wife, Rachelle.) The longer you leave it, the saltier it will get. Cook at 220 to 230 deg. They have been competing in the MIM, MBN and Kansas City BBQ circuits for 10 years. You can substitute my dry rub with your own creation or any store bought rub will be sufficient as long as it suites your taste palate. Don't smoke it with the hair on! Tips On Cooking A Whole Hog Next with your knife remove as much fat from the top of the shoulders, hams and bacon as possible. This recipe is designed to make pulled pork barbecue from a wild hog shoulder. When the smoker is at 150°, add the ham and put a pan of water under it so it can drip into it. This is not a bad idea with wild hogs, because of the strength of the connective tissue… but remember there’s no internal fat. It could be six hours, it could be twelve. This ring stops developing around 140°F, so the longer it takes to get the meat up there, the better the ring. Malcom and his brother Waylon are The Killer Hogs Competition BBQ Team. Next spray all of the outer skin with vegetable oil using a spray bottle. Rinse the meat and coat with the dry rub of your choice. Once the hog reaches desired internal temp its time for glazing. We also talk about bbq equipment, smokers and grills here at (for dry rub HIT THIS LINK) over all meaty areas again being careful not to get any rub on the outside skin of the hog. This one weighed in at a bit over 8 pounds. Smoked Wild Pig Ham. Welcome to Hunter Angler Gardener Cook, the internet's largest source of recipes and know-how for wild foods. Place the hog in your pit that is up to temp. A happy medium is 225F, but don't go … Should I bast it? During this time be sure to add lots of hickory and peach wood chunks to the fire chamber. Ingredients 6 to 9 lb. Use any BBQ sauce you want: I like my. Hot & Fast Brisket The … The pig weighs 85 lbs and has no skin, any suggestions on cooking time, wrapping, not wrapping with foil? You can also fill your swine with fruit, herbs, vegetables and various seasonings to enhance the flavor of the meat. Throw it on the smoker at 250# untill its tender. Let the coals become nice and uniform so that you have even radiant heat. Apply the Killer Hog's BBQ Dry Rub. Smoked/BBQ Pit - A third popular option is to cook the wild boar in a large smoker or BBQ pit. Beef Brisket Cooking Tips It won’t even start happening until the meat hits about 160°F internally, and doesn’t really get going until 180°F. Follow me on Instagram and on Facebook. Get your smoker going. It will make your mouth water. Rinse off the salt, add a dry rub if you want — or not. Mix that in when you are pulling, and you’ll thank me. Hey there. Brisket "Burnt Ends" Recipe I also wanted something unique, different, conversation piece, but functional. I prep my wild pig shoulder for the barbecue by lining a tray with heavy foil, leaving enough extra around each side that I can use the foil to wrap the pork later. Smoke, Wood, Fire: The Advanced Guide to Smoking Meat – Unlike the first book, this book does not focus on recipes but rather uses every square inch of every page teaching you how to smoke meat. Set foil in a tray that will hold the pork shoulder, leaving enough extra foil around the edges so you can wrap the meat later. Your call. Put ALOT of butter, whatever kind of seasoning you like, some jalepenos and tie the bag. Once the densest part of the hog reaches 140 degrees F, … Beef Brisket Injection Recipe Next you want to spray the outside skin again with vegetable oil and then finally wrap the entire hog with aluminum foil. I start with a rub that has sugar, smoked paprika, and top-secret spices. Beef Brisket Recipe As with home butchering, disinfect all of your cutting tools and equipment with bleach and water when you get home. Serves: 2-4 Prep time: 5 minutes Cook time: 8-10 hours. My rule of thumb is if I don’t think it will taste good after it’s cooked, it should probably be removed. In this article we will explore recipes for 3 different types of For the glaze I use warm BBQ Sauce thinned with a little apple juice. Pat dry with paper towels and place on a rack to dry for an hour or two. Flip the pork shoulder every hour so it gets even smoke. You can use your favorite sauce or glaze here, but … © 2020 Hunter Angler Gardener Cook, All Rights Reserved. You can use whatever you’d like, or, as I said, no sauce at all. How to Trim A Whole Hog Burn or bury the parts of the hog that you leave behind and the gloves you used for butchering. Or you can build a wood fire. This results in two things when it comes time to slap a wild hog butt on the BBQ: First, wild pigs will likely have a lot less fat, and almost no marbling within the shoulder meat itself. Let sit for 2 to 3 days in a large refrigerator. What to do? If you are pressed for time, you can barbecue up to about 250°F, but the results won’t be as wonderful. Brine 1 ½ cups kosher salt 1 cup packed brown sugar 4 Tbsp. I prefer hickory, pecan or oak. Here is a list products used in this video. Do you want the ham and shoulder to be at 195 or different temp upon when its done? Then split the top of the spine just below the neck of the hog. To speed the process along, use a meat injection syringe to inject the brining solution directly into the ham in several locations. I wanted something that I could do a whole hog on or just cook some weekend goodies. Mix the brine ingredients in your brining container. 03-Jul-11 Cook them slow on a grill or smoker for an hour and a half to two hours to get smoke flavor, then wrap in foil with some apple juice concentrate or pineapple juice for two hours. Falls of the bone completely and its absolutely delicious. But when it’s all said and done, it’s worth it. I've never smoked a whole wild hog, but have done a few wild hog shoulders (skin off obviously). As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. What my first book touched on, this second book takes it into much greater detail with lots of pictures. Wild hog BBQ is a bit different from your typical pulled pork barbecue, but it’s pretty easy — if you have patience. If you find yourself with long, stringy threads of meat, chop it a bit so it works better as a sandwich. Eat your wild hog BBQ on a bun with cole slaw, or bunless, or really however you want. We try very hard to give enough detail for BBQ novices, but still offer information that is useful for the professional BBQ cooks. My go-to is a South Carolina mustard-style sauce I use a lot on quail. But you can use whatever makes you happy. Injecting Your Whole Hog What wood? I wouldn’t leave the salt on a shoulder for more than three days. Remove the ham from the brine solution and rinse under cold water. I recommend a good quality coal like chef’s delight or chef’s select and I always use dried hickory and peach chunks with or without the bark. I only apply smoke to the meat for four to six hours because I think it balances the flavor of the wild hog with that of the smoke. Here is the step-by-step guide to cooking a whole hog - competition style. The temperature in your smoker should never go above 250° F; I suggest a probe-style meat thermometer, as it is the most accurate for testing wild game. The cut: Hogs smoked whole with legs tucked under the body are what you often see at barbecue competitions. I have recorded 6 short videos that will walk you through the entire trimming a whole hog process - just click the link. This will keep the skin from burning during the cooking process. Filed Under: American Recipes, Featured, How-To (DIY stuff), Recipe, Wild Game Tagged With: barbecue, easy recipes, wild boar. Wild, or rather feral, pigs tend to be older than farmed ones, and they’re athletes by comparison. It's also important to have your coolers already set up and loaded with ice. The Wild Pig Smoker: The idea was to build as cheaply as possible a BBQ smoker. For … Now wrap the meat tightly in the foil and continue to cook until it's done and is shreddable, anywhere from another hour or two for a young hog or store-bought pig, to another eight hours for an old hog. Basically the same as … Get your smoker ready to smoke for 17 to 20 hours. Serve with the barbecue sauce of your choice on a bun with cole slaw. Easy Smoked Brisket Recipe When ready to cook, set Traeger temperature to 225°F and preheat, lid closed for 15 minutes. Since smoke ring formation stops at 140°F you only need to worry about generating smoke for the first 4 hours of cooking (roughly). Brine the hog using a sugar, salt and vinegar combination to impart moisture and to soften its muscle fibers. Apply yellow mustard over entire hog being careful not to get any on the outside skin. If you’re not using a dry rub, pat the meat dry before you put it in your smoker. There are too many options and variations on this method to describe them all here. Apply yellow mustard over entire hog being careful not to get any on the outside … 9 Steps To Cook A Whole Hog (Photo courtesy of Scott Leysath) Smoke, roast or grill your wild hog shoulder or hindquarter – all three methods will lead to a delicious outcome. Flip your pork shoulder every hour or so to make sure it gets even smoke. The smoking time with a whole hog varies, depending on the size of the animal. If you have lots of time, set it to 200F. Set the shoulder in the tray and set that in the barbecue. There ain't much nastier than hog hair. You are going to need: First remove the spare ribs from the baby backs by cutting with electric saw. Clean off outer skin of hog using a white cloth and vegetable oil to remove any mustard or dry rub that may have gotten on the skin. Competition Brisket Method If you are tired of preparing your wild hog the same way over and over again, check out this recipe from David Draper at Field & Stream.

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