focus group discussion methodology

The main methods of data collection during a, and participant observation (Stewart, Shamdasani, &, vestigation, number of questions and the number of participants. Limpopo Transfrontier Conservation Area (GLTFCA). It is used to learn more about opinions on a designated topic, and then to guide future action. Five species classified as high-risk group were known to be threatened species listed in the national IUCN Red List. Focus group discussion is frequently used as a qualitative approach to gain an in-depth understanding of social issues. This. A focus group discussion (or FGD) is a qualitative research method in the social sciences, with a particular emphasis and application in the developmental program evaluation sphere. Focus Group Interviewing --- Richard Krueger 4 Beginning the Focus Group Discussion The first few moments in focus group discussion are critical. The discussions are kept under control: The discussions in the focus groups can be kept under control. Focus groups as qualitative research 4. Focus group discussions lead to valuable output. During a focus group, a group of individuals—usually 6-12 people—is brought together in a room to engage in a guided discussion … type of data: 'Focus groups explicitly use group interaction as part of the method' (Kitzinger 1995: 299). Lunt & Livingstone, 1996; Morgan, 1996; Wilkinson, 1998). The focus group, Harisha, R. P., & Padmavathy, S. (2013). Sage, Thousand Oaks Krippendorff K (2011) Principles of design and a trajectory of artific iality, Comparison of focus group and individual interview methodology in examining patient satisfaction with nursing care, Focus Groups: A Practical Guide for Applied Research, Competing paradigms in qualitative research. Sociologists and psychologists have used the method. The paper makes explicit the process undertaken by key stakeholders in assessing and determining the suitability, feasibility and dynamics of the renewable energy sector. More than half of the studies (n = 101) did not report the sample size and group size (n = 93), whereas 54 studies did not mention the number of focus group discussion sessions while reporting results. Four main themes emerged from the review: understanding of people's perspectives regarding conservation (32%), followed by the assessment of conservation and livelihoods practices (21%), examination of challenges and impacts of resource management interventions (19%) and documenting the value of indigenous knowledge systems (16%). been used as a methodological tool in conservation in the last 20, We used a combination of “Focus Group Discussion*” AND “conserv*,”, OR “ecology,” OR “biodivers*,” where “*”, for alternative word endings, in a search query within, base (, from 1996 to 2016 (accessed on 20th, (2006). In addition, re, for example testing narratives (Zander, Stolz, & Hamm, 2013) and de, veloping questionnaires (Kelboro & Stellmacher, 2015). The selected FGD participants encompass the collective views that cut across the political, economic, social, technological, legal and environmental aspects of renewable energy development in Indonesia. Important skills that a group moderator should possess 3. This paper explores, in both conceptual and practical terms, three key issues: consent; confidentiality and anonymity; and risk of harm. Having Social Constructivism Theory (SCT) as the Theoretical Framework that guided the study, the research extended its investigation by adopting Participatory Research (PR) as the methodology that guided the discussions amongst 10 co-researchers through Focus Group discussions on how to adapt the current classroom teachings into IK-integrated lessons. 2. The use of focus groups is a research method that is intended to collect data, through interactive and directed discussions by a researcher. Qualitative data analysis: A com. analyzed conversational narratives that were elicited in a group process while sharing photos of important people, contexts, and situations, showcasing participants' exploration of sexuality and relationships. We noted serious gaps in the reporting of the methodological details in the reviewed papers. Focus groups rely on interaction within the group based on topics that are supplied by the researcher. Local communities are inextricably tied to their. The Hilsa (Tenualosa ilisha) is an iconic flagship species and geographical indication product of Bangladesh. Focus groups: tions of pedagogy, politics, and inquiry. 141–159). Rooted in a Philippine state university experience, this qualitative study employs phenomenological research design to explore the role of pedagogical belief on the use of ICT tools in the teaching-learning activities among the educators who are teaching courses in a teacher education institution. ment and relevance to ecological research (Austin et al., 2010). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications Inc. Morse, M. J. Furthermore, evidence suggests that mixed gender groups, of contentious debate (Krueger & Casey, 2000). We then discuss in detail the empirical applications of this technique in conservation based on a structured literature review (using Scopus). Finally, we present a tool called Computer Mediated Dialogue (CMD) which was developed to enable exploration of electronic focus groups. This qualitative research method can be used to under- … It is also a good method to employ prior to designing questionnaires. ing in ecology and conservation journals. The developed content was deployed in real classroom setting to see how students received the contents and how well they processed the learning activities. analysis (Charmaz, 2006; Glaser, 1978, 1992; Glaser, a focus group discussion since it affords the researcher an, and the one step involving the ethnographic analysis that, the researcher eliminates, combines or subdivides, mit a detailed interpretative account of the everyday social processes. Qualitative data analysis for applied policy. Our result also revealed that around 55 % of inland bycatch and 42 % of marine bycatch is associated with overfishing (vulnerability score > 1.8). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications Inc. Morgan, D. L., Krueger, R. A., & King, J. and N.M. inter, The manuscript does not include any primary data. A good moderator will know how to conduct a focus group discussion with the goal of stimulating a spirited discussion among the participants. While discussion is constrained, the written format can help with reporting on the discussion. Qualitative techniques for decision making in conservation, Integrating across knowledge systems to drive action on chronic biological invasions, Intensive care unit nurses' perception of the barriers to effective in-service education: A qualitative study, Stakeholders’ Recount on the Dynamics of Indonesia’s Renewable Energy Sector, EXPLORING THE ROLE OF PEDAGOGICAL BELIEFS TOWARDS THE INTEGRATION OF TECHNOLOGY IN THE TEACHING PRACTICES AMONG PHILIPPINE HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION EDUCATORS, INDIGENOUS KNOWLEDGE AS AN ALTERNATIVE PEDAGOGY TO IMPROVE STUDENT PERFORMANCE IN THE TEACHING AND LEARNING OF MATHEMATICAL GEOMETRY IN TVET COLLEGE, Assessing the vulnerability of bycatch species from Hilsa gillnet fishing using productivity susceptibility analysis: Insights from Bangladesh (Share Link:, Polislik Perspektifinden Dijital Misenformasyon ve Dezenformasyon: Covid-19 Örnek Olayı Bağlamın-da Bir Analiz, Changes to the structure and function of an albacore fishery reveal shifting social-ecological realities for Pacific Northwest fishermen, The Trajectory of Transformative Research as an Inclusive Qualitative Research Approach to Social Issues, The nominal group technique in ecology & conservation: Application and challenges, Conservation social science: Understanding and integrating human dimensions to improve conservation, A guideline to improve qualitative social science publishing in ecology and conservation journals. Hence, a focus group discussion is one of the several ways used to explore and gain in-depth of people's understanding, interpretation and experiences of social issues, ... PR was deemed suitable for this study because of its qualities of describing the process of collaboration between the researcher and co-researchers with the objectives of quality improvements (Frankena, Naaldenberg , Cardol , Linehan , van Schrojenstein Lantman-de,2015). Access scientific knowledge from anywhere. This simplistic reporting might not acknowledge the value of using the method, nor its juxtaposition with the interpretative stance of qualitative research. Member Checking: A Tool to Enhance Trustworthiness or Merely a Nod to Validation? The method aims to obtain data from a purposely selected group of individuals rather than from a statistically representative sample of a broader population. A great deal of the skepticism about the value of focus groups probably arises from the

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