how to connect edifier speakers to tv

If I connect them through optical (toslink), I can't control the volume with Samsung's One remote. The laptop model is Asus N550j. They have received great reviews and connect both through cable and through wireless Bluetooth. Lack bass and thin sounding (normal for standard TV). The speakers are known to make use of a highly advanced aptX audio codec. i wonder if i can connect this receiver to the speakers, so i can also use the tape player and the tuner. In the beginning (without Edifier M3400), the sound isn't really good. I have trouble connecting my Edifier R501 (2004 edition, which has 3 cables: one for subwoofer, 1 for front speakers and one for rear speakers) to laptop's headphone audio jack. The Edifier speakers has an audio input connector port and came with a 3.5 mm to dual RCA audio connecting cable but when I connect my headphones to this (via a 3.5mm female/female stereo jack adaptor) sound still comes out of speakers and nothing thru the headphones. So I ordered these speakers for hooking up to my PC initally, but recently I had the idea to hook these up to my JVC RX-450 receiver for my Technics SL-Q2 record player. I have a LG 32" LCD TV connected to satellite TV system. This allows audio to be compressed without losing audio quality. You can easily connect the speakers with your TV or PC via RCA, AUX, optical, or coaxial on the back panel of the speakers. I have been using Edifier M3400 as speaker for my TV. Is there a way to control the volume? When I press volume up or down, the tv shows on screen the word "optical" and nothing happens. hi all, i own the Edifier R2000DB Powered Speakers and also a very old receiver with integrated tuner and tape player but still functioning and looking nice and retro. DISCLAIMER: I'm a bit of a newbie in the audio world. My TV is UE 50 RU7402. If you are looking for an affordable way to play vinyl records, a setup like illustrated above could be a good solution for you. Connecting everything together is simple. Configuring Samsung TV. My speakers are Edifier R1280DB. We are not including any soundbar in this review. With audio converter and cables bought it was time to go home and connect TV to speakers. i want to use the old subwoofer from my old 2.1, the sub has aux input and left right output. Audio converter gets power from USB port and TV has some ports near Toslink socket. How do I hook up Edifier R1280T speakers to a receiver without RCA speaker connections? I highly recommend the Audio-Technica AT-LP60XBT turntable and the Edifier S1000BT powered speakers as a beginner setup. so i just bought 2.0 active bookshelf speaker (edifier r1000t4) for replacing my old 2.1 speakers. Soundbars are cheaper than powered speakers, passive speakers with a separate amplifier and other complete sound systems like 5.1, etc. and the 2.0 speakers has left right input. I want to connect my headphones to the speakers but can't figure out how. Many people buy soundbars to connect with TV but today we will talk about other speakers that can be used with your TV as external speakers. I wanted a budget solution for the problem but don't want a …

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