echo hedge trimmer blades not moving

Avoid contact with blades. Parts and Spares for Echo Hedge Trimmers Hedge Cutters including Carburettor Gasket and Diaphragm Kits Carb Repair Kits Air Filters Carburettors Pull Specialist Parts Supplier Based in Hereford, UK. Working around the house has always been a big part of my life. The exclusive formula contains tacky lubricants to dissolve resins and sap that accumulate along the blade(s) which hinder performance to allow the blades to keep moving smoothly. The clutch is attached to the crankshaft. In order to remove a broken clutch from your hedge trimmer, you need to disassemble the engine shrouds in order to gain access. The clutch allows the engine to run without always engaging the gearbox. Do this on all 5 bolts. If you own an electric hedge trimmer, make sure that the hedge trimmer is properly turned off and the power cord is disconnected If you have a cordless electric hedge trimmer, turn it off and disconnect the battery​ If you are using a gasoline trimmer, turn it off and make sure the ignition is turned off Last but not least, my fs-85 pole-trimmer is a dedicated machine, meaning it is never used for weed-eating (which is what the fs-85 was originally designed to do, lol). The density of woody stems varies from species to species. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to It becomes very sticky and thus clogs up the fuel filter, which in turn gives the engine plenty of grief. The gear is in red and the clutch is blue. The way to adjust is to tighten the bolt very lightly, back off 1/3 to 1/2 turn, hold the bolt in place with a ranch, put on the locking nut from the other side and lock tight to hold the loose bolt. If the gear case becomes damaged it can put pressure on the moving parts inside and potentially stop the transfer of power from the engine to the blades. Remember, if you are not comfortable or do not have the mechanical knowledge to fix an engine, motor, etc. Black & Decker 18" hedge trimmer, TR1800, has worked fine until yesterday, when I plugged in the trimmer, heard the motor running, but the blades were stationary. If the blades are not moving, your clutch may be damaged or simply in need of tensioning. The clutch is attached to the crankshaft, and engages the gearbox to start rotating once a certain rotational speed is reached. SAFETY • Start the unit on the ground with the throttle set at idle. Put the bolt back and adjust according to instruction and try again. i took the whole thing apart. nothing wrong. Problems with the clutch, gearbox, or blades can prevent the hedge trimmer blades from moving. JavaScript is disabled. While I suggest using troubleshooting techniques listed above to fix this issue, you can also purchase a carburetor repair kit. When debris such as heavy volumes of grass or twigs get caught between the cutters and become built up over time, they get clogged. hedge trimmers blades do not move? engined units designed for hedge and shrub trimming. Wear gloves to protect hands. The most common cause of jamming is due to dull blades and debris becoming caught in the cutting mechanism. I have a Stihl Hedge trimmer which works OK. An ECHO hedge cutter delivers unmatched performance and enduring reliability. Hedge Trimmer The engine exhaust from this product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or ... hanging items that could become entangled in moving parts or surrounding growth. If the blades are not moving, your clutch may be damaged or simply in need of tensioning. Echo hca-266 shaft hedge trimmer (40 pages) Trimmer Echo HCA-2500 Service Data. They recomend 1/2 turn, I tried 1/3 and work well. The blades move when I can get it revving higher than idle, but when I give it gas it just bogs down and doesn't want to come up to full speed. The frequent use of powered hedge trimmers poses the risk of the blades becoming jammed (and it is highly likely that this will happen to your model at least once). When a hedge trimmer’s gearbox doesn’t work right, it’s often because of stripped gears that are wearing out or the jamming of blades. Not everything that fits into the cutting zone of a hedge trimmer's teeth can actually be cut. Step 3- Using an 80 or 60 general purpose grinding wheel, sharpen the hedge trimmer blades to maximum efficiency. Once that is over, place lubricating spray on the edges of the blades before taking the hedge trimmer from the vice. I recommend taking the trimmer apart and checking the teeth on both of theses parts. The way to adjust is to tighten the bolt very lightly, back off 1/3 to 1/2 turn, hold the bolt in place with a ranch, put on the locking nut from the other side and lock tight to hold the loose bolt. The two work together to start rotation once a … Another issue that causes running rough is a clogged fuel filter. Hedge Trimmer The engine exhaust from this product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or ... ECHO does not recommend the use of this machine by anyone who has a pacemaker. I took its blade apart a while ago to clean and sharpen and put it back together When I tightened the nuts the blades were hard to move, so I loosened the nuts a bit which freed the blades - and so last night I lost one of the nuts, prompting this question.. I am sorry you are having a problem with the hedge trimmer. The video over- views safety precautions and proper operating techniques provided in detail in the Safety Manual, and is supple- mental to the Safety Manual. Replace it instead. Another common malfunction in hedge trimmers are when the blades don’t turn properly. Jammed blades on electric or gas trimmers usually result from tackling jobs too big for the machine. Hedge trimmer (10 pages) Summary of Contents for Echo HC-30ES. If there is a strong spark between the tester’s terminals when the engine is cranking, the spark plug is working fine. I have to take out the 5 nuts on the blade, use a flat metal tool to scrape the stuff off on both side of the blade. Afterward, use a damp cloth to clean the blades and grease the cutters with a light oil. You must log in or register to reply here. ECHO® hedge trimmers and hedge cutters are perfectly balanced, lightweight and easy to control. After using the trimmer for a day or so try soaking the head in kerosene this has cured the problem for us, it works now. – Common Mistakes Explained. Do this for five – ten minutes. Extended Operation / Extreme Conditions Prolonged exposure to cold and/or vibration may result in injury. INTRODUCTION ECHO Hedge Trimmers, Models HCR-161ES and If you have any questions or problems, please contact HCR-171ES are lightweight, high performance, petrol your ECHO dealer. Unless you have a considerable amount of knowledge in this area, fixing a broken clutch isn’t really practical. Manuel Zax June 2005 A broken clutch or one that has been improperly tensioned will easily stop the blades on a hedge trimmer from moving. My Stihl hedge trimmer blades bound up and wouldn't stroke. 3 • Never operate the trimmer with damaged guards or without the guards in place. The gearbox is located near the bottom of the engine, where the blades are directly attached. Do this on all 5 bolts. If the hedge trimmer will turn on, but the blade won’t move, then there is likely another culprit that will need to be addressed. The blades must not move at idle, otherwise serious personal injury may result. Wear sturdy work shoes with nonskid rubber soles: † DO NOT WEAR OPEN TOED SHOES. Trimmer Echo SHAFT HEDGE CLIPPER HCA-265 Operator's Manual. The gear case is also a barrier between the trimmer’s operator and the unit’s moving parts that can cause injuries. One thing your motor absolutely detests is when you shove the hedge trimmer into heavy brush. Another common malfunction in hedge trimmers are when the blades don’t turn properly. † DO NOT … Hedge trimmers can come with one of two different power supplies: electric or gas-powered. If the trimmer is not secure while sharpening, you may run into more potential hazards. If your screen arrestor is clogged, remove it and use a wire brush to clean it well. My HC151 got so much dirt cake up in between the blades even using WD40 would not dissolve them. This part of the hedge trimmer is a small screen designed to prevent the engine from giving off sparks. Has this ever happened to you? Compatible with PAS-225, PAS-230, PAS-266, PAS-280 and PAS-2620. Like virtually any other power tool, hedge trimmers also have their share of malfunctions and issues related to engine performance, etc. If you need more instructions for sharpening your blades, check out this article I wrote. Hedge Trimmer blades are very sharp and can cause severe injuries, even if engine is off and blades are not moving. They are the clutch drum and the drive gear. Are Hedge Trimmers Bad for Plants? Use a rotary tool with a sharpening pad on the end to grind the edges of the blades. Have aquired a stihl hedge trimmer blade that is not working. Turn your ECHO PAS power source into a professional-grade hedge trimmer. Although not wholly common, this issue is still a bane for hedge trimmer operators. Telephone: 01432 381193. Two things will cause the blade not to move. The only troubleshooting technique you can apply in this case is to shut off the trimmer and allow it to cool down before going back at whatever job you were doing. This kit provides the essential tools you need for fixing your defective carburetor. If you don't have the manuel, download from Echo site. ECHO HCR161ES & HCR171ES HEDGE TRIMMER USER MANUAL. Troubleshooting tips for this situation include draining the old fuel from the fuel tank and replacing the fuel filter. Gas Hedge Trimmer vs Electric – Which One is Better. also participates in affiliate programs with Clickbank, Commission Junction, and other sites. Page 1 ENGLISH OPERATOR’S MANUAL HEDGE TRIMMER HC-30ES HC-30ESW WARNING READ INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY AND FOLLOW RULES FOR SAFE OPERATION. If you are unsure if you are this procedure properly, refer to the user manual for step-by-step instructions. if the teeth are worn off you have found the problem. ECHO's Red Armor Blade Cleaner and Lubricant is a bio-based universal blade solution that inhibits corrosion while promoting plant health after trimming. You plan to spend a nice fall or spring day trimming your hedges and then, all of a sudden, you’re left frustrated, not knowing what to do? I had not run the trimmer into a thick branch or any obstruction during previous uses of the trimmer. The gearbox works by allowing gear reduction, which transfers rotational motion back and forth to enable the blades to operate correctly. In this case, turn off the trimmer and clean out every bit of debris you find inside. To sharpen the blades, place the hedge trimmer in a vise on a surface with the blades facing up. Different Types of Hedge Trimmers. This causes the motor to have a shortage of airflow. is compensated for referring traffic and business to these companies. I think the new ones comes with grease in between the blades, they collect dirt and cake up, then dry up. Page 2: Table Of … You’re probably wondering what exactly causes a hedge trimmer to run but not cut hedges and shrubs. If this is happening to you, I recommend inspecting the device’s spark plug to see if it is wearing out or has been damaged. If the trimmer is secure, it will not move while sharpening. In order to know if a spark plug is faulty, determine that with a spark plug tester. I have an Easicut 6000 XT which jammed. Use WD-40 to lube the blades often. If this doesn’t work, the best advice I can give you is either replace the spark arrestor or take your hedge trimmer to a dealer where a professional technician will fix it for you. Coverd it in wd40, gave all the teeth a light tap with a hammer, greased it up and its still well seized. Morning arbtalkers! On the other hand, if there is no spark, purchase a new one. Yes, I’m talking about a clogged carburetor. I havent gone to town on it just yet but have done a few small things to try and get it to work. • The operator is responsible for accidents or hazards occurring to other people at their property. I highly advise you to hire a professional to get it done. If it freeze right in the middle of your trimming, I would first check the dirt between the blades. What commonly happens is that the arrestor becomes clogged with soot over long periods if not cleaned regularly. Thing is, the pole-trimmer wasn't really made for that, it works but I found it is better to use a regular hedge trimmer until such time I need the extra height of the pole-trimmer. Read the manuel. I have provided you with an image below that shows the two parts. But don’t lose hope – this guide will provide you with the fundamentals of hedge trimmer troubleshooting. † Keep clothing buttoned or zipped, and keep shirt tails tucked in. I've created this site to share my experience, and to help people choose the right tools for the job. Are Lawn Mower Blades Supposed to be Loose or Tight? If you cannot do this, you should replace the carburetor or rebuild it yourself if you have the ability to. • When transporting or storing the hedge trimmer always fit the protective blade cover. • Carry the hedge trimmer by the handle with the blade stopped. I hope that you will find these troubleshooting techniques useful. This is also caused by leaving old fuel in the hedge trimmer for too long. Do not start if the blades are obstructed by the ground or any other object. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Periodic carburetor adjustment may be necessary to as- sure blades do not move at idle. This happens when fuel is left inside the engine for an extended period of time. Thank you for stopping by! The most common problems pertaining to hedge trimmers not working include: not starting properly, running rough and starting then abruptly stopping. Within the electric category, there are two types, corded and cordless (battery-powered). Why are the blades not moving while hedge trimmer motor is on? To sharpen each tooth, the bar and clamp sometimes need to be repositioned. I couldn't find any debris causing the problem, so I tore into the gearbox. When that happens, it becomes overheated. Depending on the brand and model of hedge trimmer you own, you should remove the spark plug, and place rope into the combustion chamber to prevent the piston from moving while the clutch is being removed. 2 Put on leather work gloves to protect your hands from sharp blades. Thus, you must regularly clean your hedge trimmer’s carburetor. Blades are very sharp even when not in motion. For those of you who don’t possess even the most basic technical knowledge, identifying the issue with your hedge trimmer and fixing it can be a frustrating affair. I'm Peter, the owner of BackyardGadget. Another common factor in a hedge trimmer not starting is a clogged carburetor. The same culprit that is often to blame for hedge trimmers not starting properly is also commonly the cause of these machines running rough. Why Is My Hedge Trimmer Blade Not Moving? Set the hedge trimmer on a flat surface, such as a workbench or table. thanks for the help, 2 exmark hp 48" with ultra vac 1 peco bagger, Thats what we found usually dirt and sap from cutting will bind the blades glad it worked. If blades move, readjust carburetor according to “Carburetor Adjustment” instructions in this manual or see your ECHO … If so, you will have no other choice but to replace it. it must of been dirt. Use WD-40 to lube the blades often. This fuel becomes stagnant – and thick and clogs up the carburetor. I will examine each issue and explain what techniques you can apply to troubleshoot them. After a couple of minutes of running it will sort of half work, it still constantly bogs down when I give it gas and will not reach full throttle. Read and follow all safety and operation instructions to minimize … Additionally, a clogged arrestor screen can also cause the engine to start then stop. Hi! HEDGE CLIPPER SAFETY VIDEO - P/N 99922202800 (Not included with unit and English version only) is available for your review and purchase at a cost of $5.00 from ECHO, INC. or any authorized ECHO dealer. If this fails to work, you may need to get the cutters fixed. when pressing motor to go the blades does not move how can you operate to have the blades moving to be able to cut hedge Flymo easicut 6000xt mary walters October 2011: There is more help available. The two work together to start rotation once a certain level of revolving speed has been reached. This can result in a lack of oscillation in the blades. FAILURE TO DO SO COULD RESULT IN SERIOUS INJURY. Defective spark plugs are often a major reason why hedge trimmers won’t start. Again, a clogged carburetor is a common cause of an engine starting fine then abruptly stalling or stopping after a few seconds. If your engine runs, but the trimmer blades do not move when the throttle is engaged, the clutch may be broken or improperly tensioned. Mend - hedge, blades, not, move Need to mend your Flymo hedge trimmer? Place blade cover on blades when transporting or storing unit. The clutch is attached to the crankshaft. Periodic carburetor adjustment may be necessary to assure blades do not move at idle.

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