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The fact that property assessments reset to fair market value on a sale (under Prop 13) may create some sort of ceiling on prices. This might take a long time to play out, unless we get a stock market crash which tends to trigger a housing bust in a hurry in the Bay Area. Home prices have gone so much especially for the starter homes (1000 – 1300 sq ft) which use to be 200-250k from 2009-2014 are now selling for 350 – 425k. Buying in the US is easy for Canadians, so get ready to be priced out by yet another group. This price rise may be due to fear of Miami ground subsidence, while tides rise higher. Its probably uninsurable as the property losses would be too high. Prices are still up slightly. And everyone’s got to eat! Few people have earthquake insurance ( its expensive and deductibles are high) but the ‘scientists’ say the Hayward fault ( quiet since 1860) has a 50% or greater chance of generating a 7+ earthquake in the next 30 years. Outside of a few west coast cities, the average returns on houses are pretty meager over the period of ownership and on the level of an equivalent government bond. The Bay Area sticks out like sore thumb: The Bay Area is vast: Nine counties spread around a series of bays, of which the “San Francisco Bay” is only one. These are not “averages.” They’re median prices per county. About half the people of California live down there. Really, who doesn’t like pizza? Makes me think how many times our flight was delayed at the Delhi airport because the flight crew couldnt get the necessary sleep hours at the hotel because of the 24h non stop street noise, talk about peaceful sleep :-) Chinese money has been waning as a positive factor and will eventually become a negative influence . But of course in Dallas, there is no Prop 13 and DCAD is quick to reassess to market. Oh yeah – Japanese tourists were all over the place then, splashing their RE and stockmarket gains. Here are the details of that works: investment purposes in USA or CANADA??? In eight of these nine counties, house prices fell in June compared to June last year. See our Privacy Policy, Housing Bubble in Silicon Valley & San Francisco Bay Area Turns to Bust Despite Low Mortgage Rates & Startup Millionaires, Copyright © 2011 - 2020 Wolf Street Corp. All Rights Reserved. Immigration is warfare. This is the kind of data that you rarely get to see but it is a hint that the Exodus is very large. Despite somewhat dire predictions by the real estate website Zillow about the future of the Bay Area's housing market in 2020, several realtors … Median means half sell for more, half sell for less. You are stupid if you don’t index. Last summer I stuck my neck out to describe the end of the housing bubble in Sonoma County in practically real time, and it has progressed nicely. Energy In Santa Clara county, the southern part of Silicon Valley and the most populous county of the Bay Area, the median house price in June fell 3.6% year-over-year, to $1.35 million, and is down 7.2% from the peak in April last year: In San Mateo County, the northern part of Silicon Valley, the median house price in June declined 1.8% year-over-year, to $1.62 million. It’s like landed gentry here. That’s when I bought a house at less than half they were selling a few years back. IBM laid off people and some of them “invested” in multiple houses in the area. We’re looking to buy in the South Bay next winter 2020-2021. But in 5 big cities, rents jumped by 20%+. You can donate. This is just the first innings of bubble bust 2.0. Sure the weather is nice and may add to the desirability, but that does not pay the bills. Homelessness is rampart with stories being featured on the local tv stations on almost a daily basis. By the time prices have dropped 33%, the downward motion of the bust may be over and you’ve slept right through it and missed it :-], Also consider the Bond bubble and the Tech 2.0 bubble dynamic as well could easily lead to a 50% drop vs a 33% drop. Massive tech layoffs with higher interest rate = 50% drop. It really depends on the dynamics of each market. It is courageous to spend all of your income, plus the income you haven’t earned yet. The luxury market in particular has flourished. 2019 is seeing the start of the repeat (2018 in Oz) of history in many major capitals. Jobs 2 excerpts: “Namely, that residential-home construction “has significantly increased over the past three years.” In fact, given April’s statistics, the province was on track to see 51,093 housing starts in 2019. Ownership is not for everyone, you can always rent. The Balance of Trade deficit is about $52B a month. Instead of moving, we’ve got idiots spending tens of thousands to lift a 300 year old house 10 feet higher…. Thanks. Right now homes are I think as expensive as they’ll get for quite a while in terms of real value. While I think we are unlikely to see a drop as large as that, housing is like a cruise ship, takes a long time to turn around. Enjoy reading WOLF STREET and want to support it? SoCal is the money center of California. I’m thinking that a lot of people need to reread “the Big Short” or see the movie. In June, the median house price fell 6% year-over-year to $662,500: In Napa County, the median house price fell 4.6% year-over-year to $705,750: This is where house prices were going to explode because all the IPO billionaires and millionaires from Uber, Lyft, and a bunch of other companies would be suddenly buying homes, a time-honored real-estate hype theory that had been proven wrong before., And I only have data on San Francisco at my fingertips, so to speak. house here was losing $50k a year. They’ve been living the dream there for decades and now dream = nightmare to them…. Bubble reinflated for a decade with easy credit/money creation but soon the true nature of the difference between debt and real wealth will reveal itself; already started to happen. US situs assets of foreigners is a big pain in the you know where. The 12-MMA has been flat for eight months in a row: In Alameda County, where Oakland and Berkeley are, the median house price has also been exceptionally volatile over the past two years. There is still ample space to build apartments, even row houses, to meet demand, but between the NIMBYs and the developers we are not building them; Investors are using Airbnb for profitable short term rentals, foreign investors were buying houses and condos, with wealthy locals buying second homes as vacation spots. While there has been much talk among investors about the recent cooling trend—especially in high-end markets such as the San Francisco Bay Area—fears of a housing market … Yes, they are usually finished out cheap but they are functional shelter at a low price and will last your lifetime. Property taxes are 2.5-3% of value in most areas, so your carrying costs are escalating with the value of your home, even if you stay put, far outstripping any income growth. Yeah that was a theory put forward 30 years ago too, after Thatcherite/Reaganite deregulation and monetarist policy screwed up our housing markets for the first time by allowing them to get out of control in order to buy votes…I remember well. your reaching again, I grew up in Long Beach, its old money…. I agree … above 3M is a problem in nearly all areas. This is third-world stuff going on here in CA. They buy up land from their cronies at unbelievable prices and build mixed use developments. 8.The natural wonders are magnificent.Muir Woods is close by while Yosemite and Lake Tahoe are about 3.5 hours away. Spikes in Sonoma and Napa counties probably due in part to the insurance money (rent allowance) running out, so those whose house burned down finally had to buy. When Hong Kong, a hyper-lux market like the Bay Area, faced the threat of SARS, a disease that called for similar isolation practices we’re now … During the headiest days of Housing Bubble 2, year-over-year price increases of 20% were not uncommon and maxed out at 38% in May 2013. Despite a decade of experience with a PhD to boot, it’s really not possible to balance responsible financial living with what many Western European’s would consider a dignified lifestyle. Sales volume of condos fell 16% in June compared to last year. If there is any doubt, more 7 figure homes are sold in Southern California than Northern California. If prices aren’t going down, there’s no risk so you may as well buy as many as possible. After years of rapid growth, Bay Area rents continue to increase but are finally showing signs of a slowdown. Good question. Snark about nativists is foolish. Just like I am for Nashville and Raleigh. Then, they bet that the mortgages would not be repaid. This is GREAT NEWS for socaljim. The 12-MMA dropped 5.6% year-over-year, the fifth month in a row of ever larger year-over-year declines. I expect mortgage rates to stay low or get lower and we might see another spring bounce. Ask the people who are doubling up in a small bedroom sharing house with 4/5 more people complete stranger.. Ditto for median sales prices in a month with three sales…, Not in all Eastern NC markets There are some areas that are still stuck at 2008 prices and dropping Depends on the demographics interested in buying in the particular town Oceanfront areas may be better as out of Towners with deep pockets are buying. In the greater Los Angeles region, single detached homes rose $22,000 to a new price of $553,000.. San Francisco Bay Area, home prices jumped $35,000 or 3.6% over last month to a new average price of … The 12-MMA dipped into the negative for the first time since June 2012: The thing is, house prices were supposed to explode in Silicon Valley and San Francisco, ignited by the lowest mortgage rates in about three years and by the hordes of IPO millionaires from Uber, Lyft, and all the other companies that would all of a sudden get house-hunting fever, though they’ve been millionaires for years, and had access to this money long before the IPO., Realogy Holdings Corp (RLGY) is the leading provider of real estate services in the US under the brand names of Coldweel Banker, ERA, Sotheby’s, and a few others. Despite somewhat dire predictions by the real estate website Zillow about the future of the Bay Area's housing market in 2020, several realtors contacted by … In a potential flood plain, 10-12’ above sea level. Highways will go from horrendous to just plain unbelievable. Think of 3% over 100 years and you have 300% of property value going into taxes. Experts pessimistic about California housing market in 2020 Toggle header content. And a similar scenario is starting to build up on the horizon. Life moves pretty quickly. Europe’s Dilemmas High-end luxury real estate has seen a very strong demand in virtually every housing market in the entire Bay Area. I am saving downpayment to buy a house in the Sacramento area, whats your opinion about Sacramento? People can file permits all they want. The bay area is not even in the big boy leagues. I’ll give you that as ridiculous. I doubt european cities have a better infrastructure than san diego in general, I can drive in 20min anywhere I want here, unless you are dreaming of public transport with crowded trains and people smelling each other arm pits in the early morning hours, that is not an american lifestyle. In September, it was up 1.1% from a year ago, but was down 11.2% from the peak in May 2018 and is back where it had first been in June 2017. Take it from someone who is very close to India, came to USA long back with lot of aspirations.. and did pretty good here .. ….If you value peace of mind/sleeping sound at night not thinking about paying the rent/mortgage/paying bills then you may enjoy India… FOMO and YOLO bay area culture cannot sustain both startup and house prices. Rents are very tight. That seems mathematically impossible. less tax deduction= higher taxes paid= net cost of house is higher so pool of buyers is smaller. Also, Long Beach is a low income area. When a 100bp cut in mortgage rates makes it go sideways, this market is cooked. LAX will feature smog, the smell of jet fuel, various skeezy types loitering around, etc. Once that cost is factored in, you get back around to the 2016 levels. Complements to Wolf and his team. Let’s see some new lows first. I have noticed in the Midwest a lot of Vinyards popping up. Since December 1st 2018 RLGY is down almost 75%. Investors are exiting the market and the economy is chugging along at near capacity. Are you a Homebuyer? As far as per capita, who cares. Companies & Markets Buzz: Coronavirus fears hammer stocks as investors fret a … A bunch of cocksure clowns out there talking about getting rich off of the “wall of worry”. But the wild card will be the changes to the NFIP rates starting in 2020. The 12-month moving average (12-MMA) of the median house price fell in September on a year-over-year basis for the first time since June 2012, after double-digit year-over-year gains through November last year: In Santa Clara County, the southern part of Silicon Valley and the most populous county in the Bay Area, the median house price dropped 2.0% year-over-year, to $1.22 million, which is down 15.8% from the peak in April 2018 and just below where it had first been in October 2017. Here in the USA we’re seeing this between States as 20-40 year olds move to find places where they can maintain the lifestyle they’ve grown accustomed to. In 1993, the price of houses in the suburbs of NYC tanked. Can’t be long before the entire market gets hit. Right now, tech companies are still hiring though there is slowdown and they are hiring outside of the Bay Area more. Prices dropped 15%, then recently bounced up again. Office occupancy plunged by the most in Dallas. Hi wolf, Thanks for the article. Really hoping the speculation, rental property obsession and AirBNB that has sequesterEd much of the inventory from local workers and families dies down and one day prices come in alignment with (even high paying) tech incomes. LA was important during the 20th century, but times have changed. So yes, it’s far bigger than the Bay Area, but the Bay Area is not THAT small. Predictions are finally coming to fruition. This translates to demand for dollars and is a precursor to a crash in Chinese assets and huge selling pressure among Chinese owned assets overseas in order to repatriate monies. I’ve seen it happen elsewhere and traffic is worse because of it yet they don’t mind complaining bitterly about it as long as the highways don’t connect anywhere near them. The Bay Area in Northern California is a popular place to live and a difficult place to leave.So the area’s epic housing crisis—driven by a lack of supply and sustained demand in this job-rich, coastal region —will likely continue to squeeze homeowners across the income spectrum out of the market for many years to come..

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